When Prostates Attack—Living With Prostate Pains

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He is subject to the unpredictable, sudden onset of debilitating pain in his prostate. What's going on? More importantly, is there anything he can do to fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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It has been a year already and I continue to have sharp pains in my prostate area. They come at random and the pain can be very mild or really severe that it will bring me to my knees. I don't have any other problems except for this pain, everything else is healthy. This pain is just too much that it brings me to my knees and the fact that they come at random doesn't help anything because it can happen while I'm at home or while I'm walking down the street. I probably scare people thinking I'm having a heart attack when I just suddenly drop to my knees. Can anything make this pain go away? I can't really take pain killers because the pains are random and I don't want to be hyped up on meds all the time for that "just in case" moment.


You would think that a single gland would not be capable of causing so much trouble, right? It only has one job: to generate prostitic fluid when you ejaculate. You have other glands that generate all kinds of hormones, so what makes the prostate such a problem-child among the organs? Part of the trouble stems from its position: directly beneath the bladder and wrapped around the urethra, as well as a thin wall of tissue away from the rectum. If any of the valves that flood prostitic fluid into the urethra during ejaculation do not close properly, urine can go where it is not wanted and irritate the tissue. And the wall separating it from the rectum is strong but not that strong; a few scratches from a fingernail can tear it, letting bacteria-rich fecal matter come in contact with the ever-growing tissue of the prostate gland.
You may be suffering from a bacterial infection. Depending on the activity-level of your sex-life, you might also be suffering from worn-out genitals, hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion. Your health-care provider can test you for all of these things so that you can make a more informed decision on how you wish to proceed with treatment. I base the following advice on the assumption that your prostatitis is Category III (non-bacterial) and not due to an infection.
Massage It To Calm It
Much like your muscles, a tense and irritated prostate can often be settled with a massage. Don't worry too much about the fact that your prostate is in the middle of your pelvis, because it's also relatively close to your anus. You should be consulting with a licensed health-care provider anyway, who can either give you your first prostate massage or refer you to a colleague who will. Just so you know what you can expect, and how you might be able to prepare for the experience, read the tips on this page: (TRY: Instant Prostate Pain Relief Massage)
Soothing Tools
Fingers are not the only available option for prostate manipulation. You may also choose from a wide array of artificial massage tools, in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They range from a relatively straightforward structure very similar to a fingernail-free finger with a slightly-curved tip to futuristic-looking works of art with vibrating components inside. I recommend discussing your needs and interests with trained and experienced professionals before investing too much in your first prostate massager, after reading this page. (TRY: Prostate Massagers for Pain Relief)
Care, Respect and Hygiene
Whether you use a finger or a massage-tool, you should still pay close attention to certain basics. 
  • Like any other activity that risks your health and safety, do your best to have a partner help you when you are first learning how to massage your prostate. 
  • Make sure that everything is washed properly; soap and water for your hands and the same for your tools, if any, both before and after the massage. 
  • Use a little bit more lube than you think is necessary; it's cheaper to waste a dose of lube than to repair a damaged rectum. 
  • Go slowly. The rectum wall is reasonably durable but can be damaged by a jagged fingernail, and attempting to force the massager against resistance from your rectal muscles may also tear the tissue.
I recommend keeping your health-care provider informed about your prostate massage experiences, especially any further discomfort. Best of luck!

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