When Mental Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction Is Not For You

A psychology major was referred to a sex therapist, but he prefers a different method to treat his sex problems.

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I have a problem getting completely hard. Occasionally, when I do get an erection, I tend to ejaculate too early. My girlfriend has been patient with me so far. But now this problem is causing tension between us. I went to an urologist and he said that I don’t have anything medically wrong. He believes that I have performance anxiety, which he considered a mental issue and suggested I see a sex therapist. I am a graduate student who majored in psychology and I already know that a sex therapist is not really what I need.


Most likely you are suffering from sexual exhaustion and a weakening of your parasympathetic sexual nerve, which is responsible for the performance of both your erection and ejaculation. Generally speaking, this problem is commonly caused by frequent multi-ejaculations during one intercourse session, over-masturbation, or starting masturbation too young.
For young people with active lifestyles or who have masturbated excessively, their testosterone levels are often low which can cause an erection to go soft. Plus, more testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT in turn will bind to the prostate tissues and inflame your prostate, possibly without you even knowing it. An inflamed prostate ultimately negatively impacts and weakens the surrounding parasympathetic ejaculation nerves.
When you have a sexual encounter, your sympathetic nervous division overpowers the parasympathetic nervous division and fires off the renin-release mechanism in the kidneys to increase your heart rate and elevate your blood pressure. But when you have a performance anxiety problem, your parasympathetic system becomes too weak, the testosterone level is lowered, and minimal nitric oxide production results in poor erection quality.
The ejaculation mechanism involves multiple arrays of interactions between nerves and hormones. It all starts when the sexual responses are triggered in the brain.  Sexual responses are mediated by the coordinated activity of sympathetic, parasympathetic, and somatic nerves.  For people that suffer from performance anxiety, their hyperactive sympathetic function consumes up the electrical potential in the parasympathetic nervous division. Therefore, parasympathetic nerves become weaker and lose their ability to tighten the ejaculation valve.
You should find ways to relax yourself and stop performance anxiety. Most likely your prostate tissues trap too much stress hormones caused by sexual exhaustion. You have to take natural herbs to help you prevent testosterone breaking down and converting to DHT. Take herbs from the Herbs For Restraining Men's Fast Ejaculation & Combat Performance Anxiety, to calm your nerves and supply critical nutrients for strengthening your parasympathetic nerves. Many potent herbs in the formula also promote the brain-adrenal-testicular function that can help you keep your ejaculation control valve tight.

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Cam Anderson posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 09:25
Not having the proper state of mind is a real reason on having problems with premature ejaculation. If you don't have your head in the game then you won't perform right. The thing is you have to clear your mind and concentrate on what you're doing. Take some herbs that will relax you.
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