When Men Experience Menopause

Male menopause continues to create a slew of physical problems, from weak erections to body pains.

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When I was young, I would hear my father and grandfather complain about the aches and pains age causes. Now, as a 56-year old male, I suffer from the same aches and pains they once spoke of. My back hurts. My ankles ache. Even my knees shake. My body is in a dilapidated state, but that’s not the worst of my problems. My biggest dilemma is my sexual dysfunction. Since experiencing my body aches and pains, my libido seems non-existent. My erections are weak. My sexual stamina has diminished. Even my desires for sex are gone. Could the years of pornography and masturbation addiction be the cause for my current bodily pains? Or is my age the culprit for my downward spiral?


Age, masturbation, and even excessive pornography viewing can all contort the state of your health. In your condition, it appears you may be suffering from male menopause, a hormonal imbalance similar to what women experience around the same age. However, males, unlike all females, do not always suffer from male menopause. Some may exhibit a symptom or two; others remain inviolable to the condition. You, my poor friend, seem to have some bad luck and wound up exhibiting some signs.
What, Why, Why, Why!
When men first find out they may have male menopause, two questions are asked: why and how. Here’s the why:
Think of your body as a factory that produces a bevy of different hormones, each with its distinct purpose. From testosterone, HGH, prostaglandin E-1, DHEA, to dopamine, the body produces hormones in order to control or start bodily functions. When the body reduces the production of certain hormones, particularly, testosterone, the sudden dearth stymies your sex life, causes aches and pains, and creates havoc on your mood. All of these symptoms are caused because one, little hormone is not produced as much as it once was.
Now, why do you experience a lowered production of testosterone compared to other men? Genetics is one reason and excessive masturbation/sex is another. As you mentioned, you lived a very active lifestyle. You enjoyed watching pornography. You masturbated a bit too much, and surely you engaged in plenty of sex throughout your earlier life. All of these actions deplete the body of hormones and neurotransmitters—two essential bodily chemicals needed for sex. When the body remains in a prolonged state of exhaustion, the liver becomes filled with toxins, while the prostate becomes inflamed. In order to meet the demand for sex, the body overproduces hormones and neurotransmitters, eventually leading to the decrease in productivity over time.
Fix me!
For men in your position, male menopause requires hormone realignment. As stated earlier, the body is in a severe state of imbalance, caused by an active lifestyle and age. You could take hormonal steroids to boost the level of testosterone in your body, but these drugs can cause a slew of problems, i.e., shrinking testicles and penis. Instead, you can take all-natural supplements to help restore the balance you desperately seek.

What to do

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Luis Troncoso's picture
Luis Troncoso posted on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 09:36
To me it seems like age would be the culprit behind your aches and such stuff. I think that comes with aging especially if you don't take care of yourself. You have to take your vitamins and all that stuff. Or it can also be a downfall of testosterone. A decrease in testosterone will basically leave a man not feeling like a man because of the inability to do much.
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