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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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When the Hard-On Fairy Abandons You – No Morning Wood

A young man is having a little difficulty keeping hard-ons and is constantly whacking off and watching porn. Is there a link between all of this, and if so, what is it?

Case #: 


I heard about your excellent website from a friend who had erection problems and he steered me to you since with your help, he got over them.
I’m in my mid-20s and should be at my sexual peak by all accounts, but it seems like the more I masturbate and watch porn, the softer my boners get. This is not good for my sex life at all and I need some help on how to get over this terrible problem. Thank you!


Derrick moped around his house feeling lonely and dejected. He walked from room to room with his shoulders hunched over and finally plopped himself down in front of his computer. Unlike his recent girlfriend, porno chicks would never desert or abandon him if he no longer had much of a sex drive.
At least he still could get an orgasm through watching porn videos, but it seemed like every time that he viewed them while whacking off, it would take him longer and longer to get an orgasm, and his erections were much weaker as well.
His ex-girlfriend had found his extensive porn collection while snooping around on his computer one day and had bolted for the door; she’d finally found the cause of him not being able to satisfy her in bed.

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All is Not Lost
A week later, Derrick ran into a friend who suggested that he take a Chinese herbal remedy for his issues. He did just that, and after a while the boner fairy started to visit him in the morning once again. He got over feeling sorry for himself and got back to being his old, hard-on capable self.
His ex-girlfriend heard about his miraculous recovery and attempted to call him but he was suddenly unavailable to her since he had a whole new stable of sex partners to pay attention to. Now he was back and even better than before!
Too Much of a Good Thing
Sometimes people can confuse themselves. They can do things to themselves, thinking that they’re doing something that will benefit them, but can actually cause harm in the long run, instead of good.
Alcohol, street drugs, caffeine, gambling, the list goes on and on. But masturbation, when done in excess, can also be harmful since it can drain your body of nutrients, sex hormones, and neurochemicals, and send it on a one-way trip to Burn-out-ville.
The next time you see someone sluggishly walking down the street like a zombie, or aimlessly standing in line at the supermarket with a glazed look in their eyes, they just could be suffering from sexual exhaustion. If you or anyone that you know have similar symptoms, you’ll want to read further...
Re-Powering Your Sex Drive
Panax ginseng is a powerful wonder-herb  which contains elements crucial to increasing your blood circulation and provide you with crucial nutrients which can help you recover from the shell-shocked state of Post Traumatic Sex Disorder AKA PTSD (SEE: Morning Wood Restoration Formula).
Not only can this all-natural root (grown in China) restore a man’s sexual vitality, but it can also:
  • Provide the body with adaptogens which help to lower stress levels
  • Increase nitric oxide production for enhanced erection strength
  • Allow an increase of blood to engorge the penile chambers and arteries
  • Repair and bolster the sexual nervous system and libido
All of these factors can help to make sexual exhaustion a thing of the past, while providing men with harder, long-lasting boners once again. So take action and get back on track, the all-natural way!

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