When Getting Hard Means Going Soft

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He was experiencing excessive pre-cum and weak erections. As you can imagine, his sex life was suffering dearly. What's a poor young guy to do? Get the facts.

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The head of my penis tends to leak a lot of seminal fluid. I experience intense stimulation during sex, and I notice that this stimulation causes my erection to weaken. I can experience a full erection without any problem, but I cannot maintain it. And now, my partner is starting to get annoyed by the issue. What can I do to please my partner and last long enough for great sex.


There's nothing quite like a leak in the plumbing—accompanied by chronic soft erections—to kill the intimacy. It sounds like you have weak or compromised parasympathetic nerves, and as a result, you're not achieving the testosterone bursts necessary to maintain a firm, rock hard erection. This problem impacts millions of men, though I'm sure that's of little comfort as you find yourself awkwardly apologizing to your partner after another night of poor sex. We need to determine the cause of your embarrassing affliction and take steps to turn the tide before the waters rise up any more. 
Breaking Down the Causes 
Do you masturbate frequently? And by frequently, I mean is masturbation an ever-present part of your daily life? If so, this can have a tremendous impact on your parasympathetic nervous system. Your sex-ed teachers probably never warned you that too much masturbation can have adverse effects, perhaps because they felt too awkward discussing masturbation with a bunch of kids in the first place (“Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of growing up...now on to reproduction”). 
It's also important to note that these symptoms aren't always physical in nature (at least, not 100% physical). Sometimes there can be psychological factors at work as well. If you're under a lot of stress, or if you have sexual performance anxiety, you will experience very real symptoms of sexual dysfunction. It's sort of like having shy bladder, but in reverse. Rather than locking up, your penis is leaking fluid and trying to retreat from what you mind perceives as a dangerous or unfavorable situation. 
Getting Back on Track 
There are multiple approaches you can take to quelling the problem between your legs. For starters, spend about 5 minutes a day performing Kegel exercises. To do this, just locate your PC muscle (it's the pelvic floor muscle that allows you to stop your flow of urine), then contract it for a 5 count and release. Do 10 repetitions three times per day. This will help to strengthen the muscles necessary to maintain your erection (by locking in the blood). 
Second, I would recommend a Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang supplement, which combines herbs like Astragalus Complanatus, Lotus Stamen and Os Draconis, to repair the parasympathetic nerve and stop excessive pre-cum. (SEE: Herbal Treatment For Leaky Penis) With a bit of time and patience, you should begin to notice far fewer stains on your bedsheets (unless you have an unrelated bed wetting problem, but that's another story), and a much happier sex partner.

What to do

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Raymond Nicholas posted on Fri, 03/21/2014 - 12:19
A very severe case. The leaking penis wasn't enough to be suffering for this guy, he also had to have weak erections. How are you ever supposed to have sex without full, hard erections.
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