When Blasting Off with Caffeine Drinks can Cause Your Wee-Wee to Blast Off too Fast

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

A man is freaking out at work and is also working long hours. In order to deal with everything he had been chugging down energy drinks like there’s no tomorrow. Now he can’t hold his load back and is asking for help...

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Hey there, I have a pretty crazy job with a bunch of office politics going on and everyone is always stressed out. One way that I try to not be involved with any of that crap is through losing myself in my work. I also work very long hours and overtime when possible.
One way that I’ve been doing in order to help get me through the long hours is by consuming energy drinks sine they are in the office vending machine. I drink those things constantly but now I’ve noticed that I seem burnt out and frazzled most of the time, and when I have sex with my partner I cum to quick. Can you help me here?


I remember years ago when I needed some extra cash and so took on a temp job. I didn’t know it at first (the management was a little deceptive) but it involved some pretty heavy lifting and strenuous labor. I’m not afraid of a hard work but was just put off by the false advertising.
But I digress – I was on a particularly challenging job and since I was the most athletic of my group of workers (unfortunately) they heaped most of the heavy aspects of that day’s job onto me. After straining and sweating through the morning I had noticed that the other guys would take little breaks here and there and sip on brightly colored cans of some sort.

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Energy Blast
During lunch I took the opportunity to ask one of them what they were drinking, and he told me that they were energy drinks and went on to tell me that I just had to try them. He said they’d give me a boost of energy like no other. When I balked at the idea, he and a couple of others began taunting me a little bit and hinting that I wasn’t man enough to try them.
Of course then I just had to try one…so gulp, gulp, and gulp away I did. I knocked out a single can in about 30 seconds, and the one I chose was one of the stronger types. They all looked at me with smiles, waiting to see what my reaction would be. Truthfully, I felt nothing at all, and taunted them back. I chugged down another can of energy drink, and waited again.
Suddenly it felt as though an earthquake had hit me - my vision got blurry and I felt a little off balance (enough that I had to quickly sit down). I tried to play it off but after seeing the other guy’s knowing looks I gave in and admitted that the drinks had hit me hard. The guy who had suggested them to me put his hand on my shoulder and told me that since I’d never tried them and I also wasn’t a coffee drinker that the potency of the drinks had hit me harder than normal. I vowed never to drink those things again!
The Dark Side
Just as with coffee, some people (and in your case) feel as though they need an extra boost for whatever reason; a morning jolt, staying up for longer periods of time, etc. Whatever the case, when a person becomes addicted to caffeine they can get the “shakes” which can lead to issues with achieving an erection, performance anxiety, and the mother of all mothers…yes: premature ejaculation.
Deep Body Cleanse from Within
When you’re ready to get over your caffeine addiction, one of the most effective ways of doing so is by taking an all-natural body cleanser. Ancient Chinese herbalists discovered that peach tree bark extract was a powerful anti-toxin, and could be counted on to cleanse and purify the body’s blood supply. (SEE: Herbal Premature Ejaculation Prevention) This makes it a natural fit for the purposes of eliminating the toxic build-up caused by too much caffeine consumption.
These cleansers also contain elements which can improve your sex drive dramatically as well as repair parasympathetic nerve damage. The parasympathetic nervous system is what control’s a man’s ability to hold back both urine and semen. When these nerves are patched up, you’ll be able to keep your climaxes in check for longer periods of time. So invest in yourself and make a change for the better!

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