What's That in My Urine? Demystifying Seminal Leakage

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Leaky Penis Causes: weak parasympathetic nerves Symptoms: seminal leakage Age: 18 - 35

Have you noticed something “extra” in your urine? Something white and sticky, perhaps? Well, not to burst your bubble, but that's not normal. Learn the cause of seminal emissions, and find out how you can get the problem under control.

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I have experienced that when I urinate hard, there is a little white liquid oozing out of my penis. The liquid is a little sticky just like my semen. There is no pain and I am sure I have no diseases. I suspect that could be my semen. Why is this happening? Is it a problem?


Sorry to hear what you're going through, but if makes you feel any better, your condition is really not uncommon. Let me spell it out for you this way: Have you seen those soda machines that allow you to select between multiple soft drinks? Your selection is dispensed through a single spigot.

In other words, there are multiple pipes and chambers, but they all lead to the same spout (perhaps that's why your drink always tastes like Citrus Raspberry Dr. Cola). All kidding aside, if you select the “Cola” button, and find traces of iced tea dripping into your cup, you can bet that there's a leaky or defective pipe lurking somewhere in the machine. 

Fixing the Leaky Pipes
Not to beat this metaphor to death, your penis is kind of like that soda machine spigot, with the urinary system and reproductive system competing for its attention. Now, obviously you don't have soda leaking out of your penis, but like that broken soda machine, we can conclude that there's a defect in one of your pipes. You’re losing a small amount of semen when you urinate, and that typically doesn't occur in healthy individuals. Now don't panic. This kind of penile leakage is usually very treatable. 
Let's Get Scientific 
Your problem is commonly referred to as “seminal emissions.” No, that's not the name of an indie rock band. It's the release of semen into your urinary flow. You see, too much sex or masturbation causes your parasympathetic nerves to weaken, and those nerves are responsible for strengthening and tightening your ejaculate valve. Like any valve, it's going to leak fluid if it doesn't have a tight seal.
But before you take a monkey wrench to your penis, you'll be happy to know that you can treat this kind of leakage by taking herbs that promote healthy parasympathetic nerves (oh, and you might also want to cut back on the hand-to-penis combat a little bit). Find an herbal solution that contains Alisma Plantago, Cornus, Euryale Seeds, Os Draconis and Tree Peony Bark, and get those pipes functioning normally again. Because there's nothing worse than having root beer in your cherry cola.

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Seminal leakage, or “leaky penis” is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerves. They keep the ejaculation valve shut and hold an erection. Read more
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