What Is Vulvadynia and Why Do I have It

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What would you do if that common yeast infection turned into something more serious?

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I have just been diagnosed with vulvadynia and am currently in tons of pain. I have acute pain by my clitoris as well as swelling. I have been treated for yeast infections but so far no positive results. I have used a vibrator in the past and want to know if that might be the cause of my problems. Please let me know of something that might help me. I have never had a health problem before and have always been very healthy.


What Is Vulvadynia
Vestibulodynia, or vulvadynia as it is more commonly referred to, is a condition found in young to middle-aged women. It is non-infective and can easily be treated with competent treatment. About 15 percent of women experience a chronic discomfort within the vulva, the urethra, and the actual entrance to the vagina.

This pesky pain is caused by complications of the nerve fibers in the genital area. Generally, you will not be able to see the actual problem area other than some swelling, but you will definitely be able to feel it. The pain is described as a raw or irritating feeling that burns, stings and itches. Because there are over 8,000 nerve endings in the vagina, the area becomes hypersensitive and intensely painful.
Unfortunately, vulvadynia can be particularly mercurial. The pain could begin suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Usually it begins without warning and could last for a few months. Luckily, this condition is not life-threatening.

However, the chronic pain may limit one's normal activities. Most predominately it could cause some unwanted friction on the relationship front because it can make sex painful and uncomfortable. 
Causes Of Vulvadynia
The exact origin of the condition has never been pin pointed. Some main contributing factors may include frequent yeast infections, chemical irritation or sexually transmitted infections. The best way to avoid vulvadynia is to keep the area as clean as possible. You can do this by using a feminine cleansing product that contains natural ingredients that don't include a fragrance, as the scent could cause more irritation. Women should also do away with nylon underwear and tight pants and stick to cotton and loose-fitting clothes. 
Calming The Pain
It's quite general knowledge that cranberries have a healing effect on the female form. Most of us don't know that when mixed with hibiscus (See Cranberry Remedy with Hibiscus), it can greatly deplete pain in the genital area.

The good news is that while it probably wasn't a great idea to use a vibrator during a yeast infection flare up, it most likely was not the cause of your vulvadynia dilemma.

I would recommend thoroughly cleaning the vibrator … possibly running it through the dishwasher--solo. And putting it away for when you're not experiencing pain from this condition.

What to do

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