What Happens When the Penis is Numb?

Can herbs numb my penis and make my ejaculation very difficult?

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What herbs can help me numb my penis, so I would not ejaculate too quick? I think I have hypersensitive nerves.


Herbs from Herbal Pills For Sperm Preservation & Premature Ejaculation can block the binding of the stress hormone adrenalin to the adrengenic Alpha-2 receptors in the prostate. These herbs can also reduce the production of adrenalin in the adrenal medulla. Excessive adrenalin production and overbinding will block the Acetylcholine actionin the prostate and penile hormone receptors, leading to under-production of the erectile mediator, Nitride Oxide (NO) and the dilator cGMP.
Reducing the presence of adrenalin in the hormone receptors results in ballooning of the penis to an extreme that creates a high blood pressure inside the penile shaft to block the nervous transmission from the glans penis to the prostate. Herbs from Herbal Pills For Sperm Preservation & Premature Ejaculation, would not simply numb your penis, instead it can rejuvenate your parasympathetic nerves and modulate the sensitivity back to normal range.

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AidanK2 posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:27
You want to numb your penis so you won't ejaculate so fast? That is one of the craziest ideas I have heard. You don't want to feel anything? That is not the kind of thing men want, they want to experience every feeling they get.
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