What Is Bacterial Vaginosis

Learn about the causes and symptoms of this curious infection, and how to get rid of it for good.

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After having my second child I started to experience vaginal odor and discharge. My doctor had said it was simply bacterial vaginosis so she put me on a five day vaginal antibiotic. She mentioned that this never goes away, is that true? Is there anything I can do to help my situation? I don't want to live with this.


Bacterial vaginosis typically occurs when there is an overgrowth or imbalance of bacteria within the vagina.
Doc Knows Best
The most common symptom of this condition is a foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Though the condition mimics a lot of sexually transmitted diseases, it is not classified as one because it is possible for a woman to contract it without being sexually active. Bacterial vaginosis is actually one of the most common vaginal infections in North America. It is especially common in women who are of childbearing age or in women who are pregnant. And though the infection may be treated with antibiotics, the problem will usually reoccur.
Down For The Cause
Though this type of bacterial infection is not necessarily a poor refection of a woman's hygiene regimen, it good be a pretty big contributing factor. Simple things like wiping from front to back, cleaning any sexual enhancers after intercourse, and staying away from harsh douche solutions can save you a world of smelly times. You should also stay away from body washes or shower gels that include a fragrance, as this can mess with the vaginas perfectly balanced pH levels.
The vagina is able to maintain its health with the help of a bacterium called doderlein bacillus. Often found in the vaginal tract, it prevents harmful infections by keeping the pH acidic. When a woman washes her vaginal area too often with soaps or detergents it can easily change the vagina’s pH. This will only make your genital area more susceptible to infection. Some studies have shown that a recent intake of antibiotics and smoking cigarettes can also greatly increase a woman's chances for contracting the infection.
How To Fix It
I would definitely recommend utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Maca, Dong Quia, Mexican Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, and Muira Puama. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Excessive Discharge Relief and Realignment) These herbs will help to aid your liver to flush out any harmful toxins that may be having adverse affects on your body. They will also rejuvenate your endocrine system, and counteract any unwanted stress hormone influences.
You can also reduce your chances of contracting the infection over and over again by limiting your sexual partners, drinking plenty of water each day, and switching to cotton underwear. Though bacterial vaginosis is not considered a true STD, it can transfer itself to your sexual partner, man or woman, if not treated correctly or if you do not practice safe sex.

What to do

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