What Are Foods and Herbs Good for the Prostate?

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By Mike Wang Conditions: Men's Prostate Enlargement Weak Erection Age: 36 - 55

Learn how a 40-year-old man can find a natural way to decrease the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and prevent the chances of impotency.

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My doctor has told me that my enlarged prostate is due to on overgrowth of the gland during its second growth phase. When I began being checked for this problem, I was prescribed a series of medications in order to provide relief. Recently, however, the problem has intensified, also affecting my erection. I would like to experience true relief from this problem without the use of chemicals or medications.


About the size of a walnut and located below the bladder, the prostate serves an integral part of the male reproductive system. A man will experience prostate growth during two periods of his lifetime--one during puberty, the other around the age of 25.

Prostate growth during puberty results in the doubling in size of the gland, but it’s at stage two when the problem of an enlarged prostate emerges.
As your prostate grows larger, it pushes against your urethra, which can result in urinary problems. If left untreated, the continued pressure can also lead to problems with impotency. 
The Risk of Impotency
While the enlargement of your prostate is not considered a malignant condition, it can create an extreme amount of pressure on your urethra. If this symptom is noticed, and left untreated, it can become a potential issue that leads to impotency.

The most traditional treatment that is associated with an enlarged prostate is to have a portion of the gland removed surgically. This is a drastic action and will likely lead to impotency.

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Creating a Plan for Prostate Health
In many cases of an enlarged prostate, making some simple lifestyle changes can provide a significant impact on the issue. One of these lifestyle changes includes implementing a combination of foods and herbs into your diet.

This diet should be filled with vegetables and fruits, while actively avoiding sugary meals, processed foods and unsaturated fats. The best herbs for reducing inflammation include:
  • Saw Palmetto, which has a long and successful history of relieving any inflammation in the prostate. It too can inhibit the hormone that is responsible for prostate enlargement—DHT. 
  • Zinc has been used for several decades to promote a healthy prostate.
  • Antioxidants, including Selenium, and vitamins A, C and E to protect the tissues of the prostate from oxidative damage. These benefits are available with the consumption of Green Tea
  • Cruciferous vegetables that include phytochemicals lower PSA levels that cause prostate inflammation. Some examples of these vegetables include Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Stinging Nettle root contains a number of chemicals that may delay or prevent the actual growth of the cells that cause prostate cancer.
It is highly suggested that you implement a minimum of seven servings of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. It is also important that you eat the vegetables in their raw form in order to optimize the benefits that are provided. In your severe case, supplements with more powerful herbs are needed. 
It is important to remember that millions of men suffer from an enlarged prostate, which means that you’re not alone and there are options available.

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