From the Weight Room to the Bathroom – The Truth About Weight Lifting and Overactive Bladder

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Prostate Enlargement Symptoms: urinary incontinence Age: 36 - 55

Can weightlifting cause urinary incontinence? The link may surprise you. Learn one man's firsthand account of power lifting and bladder issues, and find out what can be done to reverse the damage.

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I noticed that after doing heavy lifting at the gym (squats and deadlifts) I urinate very frequently every hour or so. Do I have prostate or bladder problem? Please help me. Thank you very much!


When you think of weightlifting, you don't typically think of urinary incontinence. After all, the subject of urinary incontinence invokes images of frail old men hobbling to the bathroom in the middle of a movie (for the third time), and not healthy young bodybuilders committed to taking care of themselves. But believe it or not, there is a link between weightlifting and bladder issues.

To make matters worse, squats and deadlifts are some of the most physically demanding exercises, as they activate a wide variety of different muscle groups simultaneously. So next time you see a power lifter with a wet spot on the front of his gym shorts, you'll know what's going on.
The Link Between Weightlifting and and Urinary Incontinence
When you lift weights, your body releases an excessive amount of stress hormones. After all, there's nothing more physically stressful than lifting 300 pounds over your shoulders. These stress hormones can damage your hair follicles and inflame your prostate and bladder. The inflammation is what causes urinary incontinence. It works like this: prostate inflammation leads to prostate enlargement, and prostate enlargement places additional pressure on the bladder, making it more difficult to control one's urine. Perhaps that's why the men's room at the gym is always so damned crowded.
In order to get the problem under control and restore some sense of normalcy to your urination schedule, we need to reduce the prevalence of stress hormones in your body. If you continue down this path, before long you may notice gray hair or even hair loss. So your pecs will look great, but your hair will be dropping off like leaves in winter. If you like the idea of looking like an incontinent Stone Cold Steve Austin, that's great, but if you want to reclaim your urinary control and prevent other inevitable side effects, you're going to need to take action.
Killing the Incontinence
First and foremost, consider cutting back on the intensity of your workouts. As long as you continue to produce stress hormones at the same rate, you're going to run into problems. Second, there are some excellent herbal remedies that reverse the effects of prostate enlargement and urinary incontinence by combating stress hormones like DHT. (TRY: Incontinence & Bladder Health Remedy) Herbs like Astragalus Complanatus, Cnidium, Nacre and Os Draconis are especially useful. And now that you understand the link between weightlifting and urinary incontinence, you'll probably be a lot more diligent about wiping down those workout benches before use.

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