Weed's Writing Checks That Your Body Can't Cash

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Here's a guy who enjoys marijuana so much that he incorporates it into as many parts of his waking life as possible, but he's started to notice that his “big cigar” is looking and feeling a little “blunt”. Are his “fatties” to blame? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you find yourself facing a similar problem.

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Some men take alcohol to reduce their stress. Other men exercise; I smoke weed. I smoke a lot of weed. I go to work high. I go to class high. And I have sex high. I love marijuana, and I cannot wait for my state to legalize it. But I fear that my favorite pastime has lead to another problem: impotence. Is my speculation correct?


Part of the marijuana's appeal is the sheer “I don't care about your rules” image it seems to promote. It relaxes inhibitions and, in theory, makes users more fun at parties... at least during the “talking” phase. Unfortunately, even a single large dose (let alone regular consumption) can have disastrous effects on your sex life.
What Does Pot Have To Do With Impotence?
As any fan of the stuff will tell you, marijuana does what it does by introducing hundreds of chemicals into your brain. Among the other effects, these chemicals make your body boost production of hormones that cause inflammation. One in particular, prostaglandin E-2, has a definite effect on your erection: small amounts of the stuff help relax your muscles, but too much will cause your blood vessels to constrict and stay that way. And when your penis can't get enough blood to establish, let alone maintain, an erection, your sex life will shrivel.
“But wait,” as the infomercials would say, “...there's more!” Your brain is so important to the proper operation of your body that it has a special barrier around it, functioning as an extra layer of protection against toxins and diseases. Excess prostaglandin E-2 weakens this barrier and allows all manner of nasty stuff (not just from marijuana but from all the rest of your environment, like the air your breathe and the food you eat) into extremely sensitive parts of your body. This can result in health problems ranging from headaches and sleep disorders to liver and kidney inflammation and even damage to the brain itself, with quite a few steps in between.

In other parts of your body, excess prostaglandin E-2 can cause toxins to accumulate in your prostate, bladder and urethra, which will have an effect on your ability to both urinate and ejaculate. (The ladies aren't immune to similar damage, but let's focus on the men's problems for now.)
Aside from gumming up your body's workings with stuff you don't want, marijuana also decreases supplies of things you need, like nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is THE chemical that triggers and sustains erections, as it is a very important vasodilator, which means that it dilates blood vessels; specifically the ones in the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosum in your penis. Please note that nitric oxide is chemically and functionally different from nitrous oxide, so please ignore the temptation to reach for the laughing gas if you experience difficulty with erections.
Do I Need To Curb the Herb?
As long as you desire a regular sex life, yes. The downside is that cleaning out the toxins from all the many parts of your body where they have accumulated will take proportionately as long to clean as it took to deposit them. In general, you're looking at a minimum of three weeks or so, if not longer, especially if you still hang out in areas where you get second-hand marijuana smoke.
Fortunately, there are quicker and more effective methods than simply eliminating your marijuana consumption and drinking more water (though these will both help). There is an all-natural herbal formula designed specifically to address the impotence problems created by marijuana consumption. (TRY: Marijuana Detox Remedy) After a few weeks of regular use, your prostaglandin E-2 levels will fall, and your erections will rise.

Once it no longer has to fight against a flood of chemicals from marijuana consumption, your liver will regenerate and more effectively filter out the toxins still in your system. And your nitric oxide and acetylcholine levels will increase, helping to restore your erections' strength.

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