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A former fan of the 'herb superb' finds that his erections are weak, leaky, and sometimes cannot lead to orgasms. Did Mary Jane steal his John Thomas? Is the damage permanent, or can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I get weak erections, and at time, I cannot even orgasms. I suffer from premature ejaculation and leak seminal fluid when I am aroused. When I do ejaculate, it takes hours to recuperate. I once was a heavy marijuana smoker. Could my illegal drug use have been the cause for my current problem?


Anthropological evidence supports the statement that marijuana has been cultivated and used for thousands of years. Which sounds great to moderns who want to treat it as casually as sucking down a cigarette every time any significant stress appears: the death of a loved one, loss of a job, getting cut off in traffic, etc. Unfortunately, the key difference between the ancient practices and modern usage is respect.
Historical marijuana use took place under conditions where it was considered a sacrament; much like the various forms of communion practiced by organized religions today, marijuana was only consumed under specific guidelines regarding time, place, frequency and amounts available for each participant. Today, users might light up almost anywhere, at any time, whenever they feel like it and consuming however much they have on hand... which almost inevitably leads to medical problems. Let's take a closer look at how marijuana does what it does, to get a better idea of how to fix it.

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Herbal Relaxation Leads To Problems
One of the simplest “secrets” of how marijuana involves prostaglandin e-2. Your body's production of this hormone increases dramatically during sexual arousal, because it helps keep your blood vessels dilated; this is a big help in maintaining your erections, and apparently also assists with getting more blood to circulate through your brain. Part of what makes marijuana such a pleasant experience is that it also increases prostaglandin e-2 production and several other chemicals associated with sexual arousal. The problem is that too much of the stuff kept in your system for too long will cause the tissues around the blood vessels to swell up, reducing or even choking off the blood supply. Bad enough when the tissues in question keep your erections from getting hard, but the inherent drawbacks of swollen brain tissue should be quite obvious.
Meanwhile, Down South
Excessive sexual activity, either masturbation or with a partner, also encourages prostaglandin e-2 production. Other problems arise when other hormones like dopamine and cortisol keep building up in your bloodstream. Too much dopamine means that your body produces too much adrenalin and cortisol, which in turn can leave you with a suppressed immune system. And most importantly, your testosterone production decreases. You may not especially care about how that will affect tissue regeneration until you learn that every erection leaves small leaks in your erectile tissue... which would normally be repaired in a day or so, but takes longer when there isn't enough testosterone to assist the process. And if you keep masturbating, you're springing more leaks which will take even longer to repair because you've burned up that much more of your dwindling testosterone supply, and so on.
Mending Your Member
Your weak erections are your body's way of asking for some time off. Three weeks without ejaculations, to be precise, which is what your body needs to really get a handle on all the repair-work that a combination of too much sexual stimulation and the aftereffects of your marijuana use have made practically impossible.
There are several ways in which you can help your tissue come together better, if not faster. One involves increasing your body's supply of zinc and B-vitamins, which are crucial for healing. Properly-prepared oyster, crab and lobster offer lots of both. Lean red meat, toasted wheat germ and pumpkin seeds contain lots of zinc, and you can get B-vitamins from leafy green vegetables, eggs and dairy products.
A moderate exercise program will help burn through the fat cells where a lot of the leftover marijuana toxins may still be stored. It will also improve your cardiovascular health and stamina, and increase your testosterone supply, which is also critical for tissue regeneration.
You might also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to help your body recover from long-term marijuana use. (TRY: Erection Restoration from Marijuana Use) The formula works by bringing your body's prostaglandin e-2 production back down to normal levels, as well as boosting your liver's detoxification rates and restoring the acetylcholine functions in your brain.
I recommend that you keep your health-care provider informed about your symptoms, as well as the steps you have chosen to address them. A trained observer will give you a much more accurate gauge of your progress, and will have a much better idea of what adjustments you might need to make to your dosage or regimen.
The most important part of the process is patient and persistent effort. You didn't reduce your erections to their current sorry state overnight, and restoring them will also take a certain amount of time. Trust your body's desire to restore itself to health, pay attention to your health-care provider's recommendations, and your erections will return before you know it. Good luck!

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