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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Vitamins B-6 and B-12 Can Improve Your Erection Size Damaged by Over Masturbation

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By Perrin Rynning Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Penis Enlargement Causes: penis pump Symptoms: chronic fatigue Age: 18 - 35

Formerly an active masturbator, he's found that his sexual stamina has suffered. On top of that, he's used a penis pump but didn't notice any changes. Can his stamina be built up? How can he improve permanently, without doing any damage? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I feel really sexually weak and I think it is because I masturbated a lot. I have also used the penis pump to enlarge my penis 4 or 5 times but this didn't do any good or any harm. Please advice me on how I can overcome my problem with being sexually tired. I also want to know if there will be any way to increase my penis size. Please help me.


Masturbation has many beneficial and harmful aspects. The upsides include such things as improving your mood and learning something about your sexual preferences.

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Summary: Discover how two, everyday vitamins can grant you a larger, fuller erection. Men who take these vitamins and quit masturbation can see improvements. For a full list of products and vitamins to take, leave your comments for the experts below. 
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Give And Take
The drawbacks cover possible social isolation but definite health-risks if you engage in it too often, or without properly attending to the strain that it can pose. Let's take a look inside your body to see what might be happening.
Useful Waste or Wasted Utility?
Sexual activity, both alone and with a partner, is a very complicated physiological process. For example, it produces significant fluctuations in the levels of many hormones, like the prostaglandins (E-1, E-2 and E-3), adrenalin and cortisol. Cortisol increases blood sugar, which helps give you a quick surge of energy when you need it, whether from fear or excitement; it also helps your testicles produce more sperm. It has a number of other effects, like reducing inflammation (which is why you may get a prescription for a cortisol-cream for skin problems like eczema).
However, cortisol works best if you only use it for short periods, followed by some rest and nutritious food. Excessive stress, whether from external threats or ejaculating more than once every other day, can lead to many problems. Some are obvious, like a buildup of fat on your face, neck and belly. Some are noticeable, like decreased libido. And some can be subtle but potentially deadly, like a weakened immune system or high blood pressure; you also risk making your system less. But more than anything, you're likely to experience general irritability, have trouble concentrating, and feeling quite sluggish.

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Quality vs. Quantity
Building up your penis is a matter of adjusting both the blood supply into it during erections and supporting the desired changes with additional hormones and nutrients. No matter what “penis enhancement” solution you pursue, be it pumps or surgery or other techniques, you may rest assured that the “secret ingredient” of some kind of nutritional supplement is vital to achieving the goal.
Success or Failure
So, your two questions can be resolved with most of the same answers. You'll need to reduce your ejaculations for a while, to give your genitals time to heal. If you can go completely without for three solid weeks or so, you'll be well on your way to a full recovery in the shortest possible time, but the healing can start if you limit yourself to only one ejaculation every third or fourth day.
While you're waiting, you might try burning off some of that extra energy by engaging in a moderate exercise program. This will help build up your sexual stamina as part of your overall physical stamina, and your self-confidence can only improve. Try to cut back on fatty foods, as excess fats can accumulate on the lining of your blood vessels; yes, arteriosclerosis can cause problems in your penis as well as your heart.
Take in more zinc and B-complex, as these nutrients are critical for growing and repairing all kinds of tissues. Seafood in general, and properly-cooked oysters in particular, are excellent sources of zinc; toasted wheat germ and spinach are decent alternatives for vegetarians. B-complex is actually twelve related but distinct compounds, so getting enough of each is a matter of doing more research. Leafy green vegetables are a start but do not provide all 12 of them on their own.
You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to help repair tissue damage and assist in enhancing your erection. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Tissue Recovery & Growth) It does this through encouraging your body to produce more of various important hormones and break down artery-narrowing scar-tissue, among other things. With more blood flowing through your erections, carrying more of the critical nutrients your penis needs to recover, you should see the results you desire in very short order. Good luck!

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Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth

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roberthal posted on Sun, 02/26/2017 - 04:07
Good article, my penis size was small and I worried about my marriage, I consulted number of doctors but the solutions are not permanent, recently I read one of the online guide it taught me step by step to enlarge the penis without any pain, now my penis is good length and full energetic , those who looking for penis enlarge don’t waste the amount spending with doctors,
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MIkeH posted on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 13:48
All I can add here is that I use a penis health creme containing Vitamin B5 every day and I have seen a jump in my overall sexual performance.  I am really happy with this creme because it gets the B5 and other vitamins directly into my penis skin.  You guys should check it out.  Cheers.  
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Lu Gallant posted on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 14:31
hi mayb u can help me? my bfs pennis has been softer and softer lately and idk what to do about it. when we first strated going out he filed me up completly and we always had a good time. now his pennis seems soft and even like its getting shorter. i read that this is becuz he masturbate to much. how can i get him to stop masturbate? or can he get hard again from some medicine? maybe i can make some speacil food? what can i do about this porblem? my bf is very sensative about his pennis and about sex and idk who to talk to becuz i don’t thin he will go to a dr. he is only 28 i think to young to have a soft pennis. he masturbate every day while i am at work i think, maybe more than 1 time a day. i just do not kno what to do!
Perrin Rynning's picture
Perrin Rynning posted on Sun, 07/27/2014 - 23:51
Yes, there are several things you can do. The smart thing is to help him find some other way to deal with boredom besides masturbating, because doing that more than once every other day makes it smaller and softer. Help him find another hobby, like cooking. If he can learn to cook lean red meat into foods that you and he like, it will help his penis recover. You might also consider Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation. It will help restore the damage and bring it back even bigger and stronger than before, but ONLY if he can learn to leave it alone for at least a day or two at a time.  Good luck! http://www.herballove.com/solutions/botanical-concoction-penile-tissue-rejuvenation-growth
 - Perrin
"The easiest way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up someone else."
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Gerald Harmon posted on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 10:27
I’ve always been a slacker when it comes to eating healthy—I like to eat what tastes good, not what’s good for me. Once I passed my mid-twenties, I began having issues with my erections, both in number and in quality. I couldn’t understand what the problem was—I’m an active guy, even if I don’t eat so well. And it’s not the kind of problem you want to talk to your gym buddies about, so I really didn’t know what to do. Eventually, I turned to the internet for advice (I know, not the best choice). I saw loads of articles about how to improve erections through pills and pumps, but I was too chicken to order anything. Then I started finding all kinds of research about how diet affects erections.

Just like this article says, B vitamins are really important for a strong erection, and I had been eating almost none. I actually don’t like salad, and leafy greens always taste bitter to me, so it’s no wonder I was missing out on all those. After a bit more time on the internet, I found that many B vitamins can also be found in seeds. That was just perfect for me, I work a desk job, and it’s pleasant to have a light snack to crunch on in the afternoon. I made my own mixed bag of seeds, and after a couple months I noticed my erections were beginning to improve. It seemed like the lack of B vitamins were really causing a problem, and with one simple change, I felt happily back to normal. Consider diet if you’re having this problem!
Rudy Boone's picture
Rudy Boone posted on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 09:52
Hey, I’m kind of a health nut and I wondered if anyone had tried this remedy to solve soft erection problems? We’re always told not to overdo it on vitamins and supplements as it can tax your liver and kidneys, and I read that too much zinc can cause problems with weight gain and cholesterol. I already take a multivitamin daily, but I haven’t noticed a difference in the strength of my erections, and I’m afraid to add more vitamins on top of the one I already have.

I’m 32 years old and I’m very active—running daily with strength training throughout the week. I cook my own food at home, very lean meats, with plenty of leafy greens and high-protein carbs. I just wonder what can be effecting my erections. Is it age? I feel that I’m too young to be experiencing this problem. It’s not every time, just sometimes when the moment comes I’m not as hard as I’d like to be. Does anyone know what to do about this?
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