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Following proper procedures, this guy has achieved a long, thick penis. Now he wants to go to the next level and build up his stamina. Is there anything he can do? Read on, get the facts, and find out what steps to take if you have similar goals.

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I have a pretty big penis that is 8 to 8 1/2 inches and 7 inches around. I am going to get married later this year and will like to power my penis up for longer and stronger erections. I want to experience more spontaneous erections. I started with a penis that was just 7 inches and now with some solutions on here it grew to my current size.
I am satisfied with the size of my penis but I am not happy with the erections. I am still a virgin so I want to be able to give my wife, when she becomes my wife, long lasting sex with a firm erection. Please, is there anything I can do to get a stronger erection during sex?


Congratulations on achieving a significantly larger-than-average penis. You used safe and effective methods to enlarge it, and let the growth arrive at its own pace. Excellent! Further congratulations on realizing that the size of your erection is only one part of what you need to satisfy your future wife; stamina is the next part, so let's explore what that means. One hint is that you should NOT engage in excessive masturbation in the name of training, as it will usually make your weak erections even worse.
New Measurements, New Goals
As a general rule of thumb, you should expect to maintain an erection for 25-30 minutes before ejaculating; although men can and frequently do train themselves to become erect and ejaculate in only a few minutes, the ladies can take almost half an hour to reach orgasm. (Rest assured that it is almost certainly a matter of biological structure, rather than her sexual arousal.) There are several possible reasons why your erections rise high and then fall fast, not least of which is your own performance anxiety. But let's focus on the easy steps for you to take first.
To prepare physically for your wedding night, we recommend talking with your health-care provider to design a moderate exercise program. Your goal is to work out just enough to boost your testosterone levels without crossing the line of consuming that higher testosterone in the name of bulking up. In between your workouts, try an ancient Chinese breathing technique which addresses issues of weak erections or general impotence by improving blood circulation, especially in your genitals. (TRY: Method of Anal Breathing) You should also eat more foods rich in zinc and b-complex vitamins, and avoid foods high in saturated fats, so that you can start working on your mental/emotional state.
Time To Hit The Books
While it's quite romantic to be a virgin for your wedding night, we would like to remind you that knowing something about what's happening and what you are doing will do wonders for your confidence, which will in turn reduce your anxiety.
First, learn to relax. Sexual arousal is similar to fear, but limiting the rate of arousal to a level you find comfortable will go a long way toward keeping the experience pleasant. You don't have to use the full Anal Breathing Technique during the wedding night, but you should try to breathe deeply and slowly at the beginning to help you stay calmer. On a related note, remind yourself that you chose to remain inexperienced about sex, which will lead to lack of confidence about what to do.
To combat that ignorance, study some human anatomy, particularly the female genitals. (Remember: if your wife is also a virgin, she will experience considerable discomfort during the first night or two, so be gentle and compassionate.) You should probably focus on the locations of various areas where she will be particularly sensitive, because they may be the places that help arouse her sexually.
Part of the fun of learning about your wife's body involves finding which areas she likes you to touch and how she prefers you to stimulate them, so try to maintain a spirit of gentle exploration while you seek new treasures. Your wife will particularly appreciate it if you can find her “G-Spot” (short for “Grafenberg spot”), which is a cluster of tissue packed with nerves about an inch or two into her vagina, on the “roof” of the opening. This area is what you should be stimulating with your fingers or your penis AFTER your other foreplay behaviors have aroused her.
Recovering And Nurturing
Like any other strenuous activity, sex puts certain demands on your body that you don't experience in your day-to-day life. The best way to keep your genitals healthy so you can keep your wife happy for your entire marriage is to get regular checkups while maintaining that exercise regimen and healthy diet we discussed earlier. You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to address the underlying causes of your weak erections.

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