Vaginal Infection Or Too Much Birth Control

Learn how a husband searches for answers about his wife's curious discharge and abdominal pains.

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I have been reading on your website about several things. One area is for my wife: She had been taking birth control for several years, and recently she has been getting brown and white/yellow vaginal discharge. She has also complained about constant pain and cramping in the lower abdominal area. She stopped taking the pills about one month ago, but she continues to have these problems. She has been to her doctor but nothing has come up. She was prescribed some vaginal antibiotic cream but that has not helped.


About three years ago, a friend of mine came to me completely baffled by her own vagina. She explained to me that she had been tested twice for vaginal infections, and both times all of the results came back negative. Yet she still experienced discharge that was off color and worrisome. I quickly explained to her that it could be one of four likely possibilities. The best situation? Being that she had simply been on birth control for too long without any breaks between cycles.
The Elusive Vaginal Infection
Because of her long term use of the pill, her liver may not have been filtering out the excessive estrogen and progesterone hormones that come along with most oral contraception.
The worst possibility in cases where a woman is producing a discharge that is anything other than white or  clear, is vaginal infection. There are actually a few forms of STD's that can slip under the radar, even when tested. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are actually notoriously hard to catch in women who aren't experiencing any symptoms during the time of being tested. A common yeast infection is also a possibility in this case.
Synthetic Hormones
Most likely this brownish discharge that your wife is producing is just her body's natural reaction to her long term birth control use. Typically, the progestin in a hormone-based oral contraceptive causes a rather heavy vaginal discharge. This is due to the cervix being over-stimulated by excessive progesterone.
Most women are not aware that they don't need all the extra synthetic hormones added into their birth control. However, there are pills out there that only include the progesterone needed to trick the mind into thinking we are already pregnant.
How To Fix It
The first step to recovery in this case would be to get off of your current form of birth control. Luckily, your wife has already taken that step, so the rehabilitation process should actually go by a bit more quickly for her. Though it has already been a month, her body and liver are trying to catch up with with the past several years. It could take up to six months for all last remains of synthetic hormones to leave the body.
In the mean time, you can actually speed up the process of healing and get rid of that pesky abdominal pain by utilizing natural herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Fo Ti, Muira Puama, Safflower, and Ligustrum. (SEE: Vaginal Detoxification & Infection Relief) These herbs will help to detox the liver and quell the pain. They will also replenish the body with essential fatty acids and restore any diminished vaginal health.

What to do

Vaginal Infection Relief & Detoxification Formula

Antibiotics and birth control pills can alter the balance of the ‘friendly’ micro flora that subsists in the vagina. Pathogens from these drugs can result in yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, with symptoms ranging from abnormal discharge,... Read more
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