Vaginal Discharge – The Unwanted Side Effect of Birth Control Pills

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She takes birth control pills responsible for an embarrassing brown discharge that interrupts her sex life. The solution is to detoxify from a build-up of synthetic hormones and toxins so she can once more regain control of her body.

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I’ve been having very weird discharge. It goes from being light brown to dark brown and almost reddish-brown in color. I’ve had a few stomach pains, but not many. I’m taking birth control pills, and it freaks my boyfriend out while having intercourse because he doesn’t know what it is and I can’t explain it to him. What could it be??


Vaginal discharge is a touchy subject. Women long to explain its cause but often cannot because they don’t know – this topic is rarely discussed with frankness. It embarrasses females and even infringes upon their sexual lives. The taboo quality is therefore well understood.
In terms of identifying discharge, it can be the result of many different sources – including external factors like soap and douche – and is difficult to pinpoint. Its appearance and color can also change, ranging from clear to grey to pink. The particular secretions you’re experiencing are caused by your birth control. This is a common side effect of oral contraceptives, but it can disrupt your life and even discomfit your partner. 
The Purpose of Vaginal Discharge
One of the foremost questions women ask their healthcare providers is if their vaginal discharge is normal. This often depends on such factors as your age and physical health, as well as characteristics of the secretions like smell and quantity. Most discharge is normal, as long as it is white or clear with a thick consistency. The purpose is to cleanse the vagina of harmful bacteria that might cause infection. Seen from this perspective, the discharge is a good thing.
Birth Control Pills
Factors inside the body, chief among which are hormones, can also influence vaginal discharge. Estrogen has shown to profoundly change a woman’s secretions by working with vaginal cells to keep them healthy. This is why discharge seems to thicken and become more prolific during ovulation – hormones are striving to maintain the correct pH balance in the body while shedding dead skin cells and protecting the body from disease.
Birth control pills, which alter the body’s hormones to prevent pregnancy, disrupt estrogen levels and also affect vaginal discharge. Oral contraceptives often contain two different ingredients: synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone. The former usually increases secretions because it stimulates glands in the vagina. This is why you experience the discharge even during intercourse; a woman’s body is naturally designed to create lubrication when aroused to facilitate the act of sex. In your case, your hormones are imbalanced and creating even more discharge than usual.
Reddish Brown Color
Birth control works on many different levels to prevent pregnancy. It also changes the body’s chemical composition and in turn affects bodily functions. One of these functions involves the lining of the uterus, which becomes so thin with changes in hormones that it is often expelled by the body.

This accounts for the brown discharge, often referred to as spotting, and occasional cramps you’re experiencing. As a side note, you should also take your birth control at the same time every day to discourage further spotting.
Detoxify Your Body
One of the unspoken side effects of birth control is the toxicity it causes to the body. It adds synthetic hormones that can quickly accumulate and cause further damage. A detoxification formula can cleanse the body and restore your hormone levels to normal (See more: Vaginal Infection Relief & Detoxification).

It can also stop your vaginal discharge so you once again enjoy sex without embarrassing interruptions. Look for key ingredients like Calendula, proven to expel toxins, and Fenugreek, which balances hormones and stimulates healthy cell growth in the uterus.

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