V for Victory! What It Takes to Regain Your Penile Length

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Causes: low testosterone Symptoms: penis shrinkage Age: 36 - 55

He’s hitting middle age, and his penis has begun to lose length. He doesn’t want to talk to his doctor, but wonders if there is a solution to try at home. What’s going on with his body and penis, and how can he work things out? Read on to find out!

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I’ve never had any issues with my penile length, until lately, when it definitely seems to have shrunk! I’m in my early fifties, and I’ve heard that we can start to notice changes in our bodies at this time, but I’m not sure what to do. I feel far too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about this, I’m just hoping there is some sort of trick I can try at home?


Ah yes, andropause, that wonderful time when your penis shrinks, you’re having problems orgasming (either too soon or not soon enough), and all the women around you are probably already on their own bad trips. Not to worry, it’s a state that is bearable with patience, and yes, we can restore your penile length without sending you to the emergency room.
Mr. T
It’s testosterone that’s causing all these negative issues for you. Between their mid-forties and fifties, men’s bodies begin to produce less testosterone. Unlike women, whose bodies run on a multitude of hormones, for men, testosterone is basically “the One”. Without it, you’ve got nothing else to go on.
Testosterone controls sex drive, sexual arousal, penile length, penile strength, erections, ejaculation, and so many other things. As it diminishes, a man goes from a Lothario to a Polonius, hating every second of the journey. How can he stop it?

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Well, he needs to encourage the production of testosterone in his own body once more. There are many supplements that contain testosterone, but it’s not safe to take these past a certain age, due to the interaction between the other ingredients and some medical conditions and drugs. But he can trick the body into kicking up testosterone production again, by the stimulation of one specific place on the penis. Seem too good to be true? Well, until you see results, you can think of it as an excuse to give the old boy a good rubdown.
Treasure Hunt
Don’t think it as carte blanche to rub one out, however. It’s very important to target the exact area on your penis that controls testosterone production. This site is known as the X-Spot, and concentrating action on this spot has been shown to support hormone production, as well as to increase the health of the perineal nerves.
To hit the spot (har har), lubricate the index and pointer finger of your dominant hand, as well as your penis, and carefully slide your fingers from the base of your penis to the head. Do this slowly enough that you can feel any difference in sensation. When you get a little jolt or thrill, you’ve probably found it. Gently depress that area for a moment, and then continue your up-and-down stroking.
Get It Back
This practice might sound silly, but it’s been shown to give good results in penile extension and hormonal recovery. (TRY: Reverse V Hook For Shrinking Penis Reversement) You can try it at home, and I’m sure you’ll soon be pleased with the results. Don’t let age stand in the way of your good time!

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Reverse V Hook For Shrinking Penis

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