Undoing the Unkindest Cut

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A sexually-active man wonders if he can improve his sex life by regrowing his foreskin. Can it be done? What effect would this actually have on his pleasure? Read on, get the facts and decide for yourself if this may be the right choice for you, too.

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I have heard that sex is a lot better when the foreskin is there. I was circumcised at a very young age and had no say in it and as a result of that, I can't seem to enjoy sex as often as I would like because it is painful at times. Is there any way of possibly getting your foreskin back? I want to make this decision on my own and not have my parents in on it.


For many males around the world, the concept of circumcision comes as something of a shock; they went through the procedure a few days after birth and therefore retain no conscious memories of the event.
I Wasn't Born This Way?
(Some very fortunate males with a genetic anomaly called aposthia are simply born without a foreskin.) Certain religious traditions require males to undergo the procedure as part of a rite of passage into adulthood, while many medical authorities claim that it assists in hygiene.
Dissenting Views
Aside from many cultures (such as European and Asian) rejecting the practice for their own reasons over a long period of history, it has recently come under fire for various reasons. Keeping the tissue under a foreskin clean is no more complex than scraping under the fingernails or rinsing the ears, for example; the religious implications are left as an exploration for the individual reader.
The assertion that a circumcised penis becomes desensitized and therefore less responsive to sexual stimulation arose relatively recently, but has become a very important objection to the procedure and justification for reversing it if desired.
What Does It Do?
When present, the foreskin serves to protect the nerve-rich tissue at the head of the penis called the 'glans' in a fashion similar to how the eyelid protects the eyeball from debris. The foreskin also maintains the glans' sensitivity like a natural, removable glove. An unprotected glans soon becomes numb to stimulation at or below a particular threshold, since it is constantly rubbing against underclothes or adjacent flesh.
Can I Get It Back?
In a word: yes. Both surgical and non-surgical options exist, with the usual choice of either "fast and good but not cheap" or "cheap and good but not fast" between the two. For guys on a budget, manual skin-stretching techniques exist, but they require considerable discipline and patience; (SEE: Foreskin Restoration with Manual Stretching) it may take 28 weeks or more of careful, daily effort to produce enough skin to cover the glans.  This device is the recommended non-surgical solution. (TRY: Non Surgical for Foreskin Restoration) Constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel, the device can stimulate blood flow to the scarred tissues at the edge of where the foreskin had been, encouraging not only epidermal stretching but regeneration of the nerves inside the skin.

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