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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Uh, Sorry, Cum Again?

He cannot ejaculate: exploring the problem of orgasm dysfunction.

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Half of what makes sex fun is the finale. The awe-inspiring climax that takes both man and woman into a euphoric state of happiness that only an orgasm can provide. In a few short seconds, all the pent up anger, frustration and stress seem nullified with the release of a few ounces of my white seed. The pulsating shock of happiness that blankets my body no longer is present. My wife and I try, tirelessly, to satisfy my needs. We’ve done everything possible: visual stimulation, hand stimulation, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, sex in public, drunk sex, makeup sex, I’m-horny-come-F-me sex, and still, I cannot orgasm.
I compare my sex life to a poorly written action movie: plenty of action, never any climax or resolution. Exasperated, irked and desperate, I come in search of answers. I come to you broken, battered, beaten. Please, you gotta help me!


Reaching your climax is half the fun indeed. Sex, according to recent studies, helps boost confidence, improves mood, enhances creative abilities and stymies fights with your partner. Not being able to reach an orgasm is like buying an expensive meal and instead receiving a picture of the food with the words “enjoy” etched on the front. You cannot taste the satisfaction that comes with sex; now, you’re frustrated, angry and hell bent on reaching an orgasm. 
Oh, Cum on!
Men ages 30 and above become more susceptible to prostate inflammation, a common, irritating condition. Men 50+, the ones eligible to land acting jobs in one of those prostate commercials, typically become the poster-boys for prostate inflammation. Still, men 30 and above can fall prey to inflammation. Too much hanky-panky. Too much porn. Even too much hand stimulation can cause a bevy of problems.
Best bet, you’re suffering from an inordinate drop in dopamine. Now, each time you try to ejaculate, you’re instead greeted with dissatisfaction. So, how do you increase your semen production? How do you regain that pulsating, euphoric, I-can-die-and-go-to-heaven feeling once again? Increase your dopamine production! (See: which dopamine foods you should take)
Houston, We Have Lift Off!
Dopamine is a common neurotransmitter produced by the brain. A depletion in dopamine results in a slew of problems: low satisfaction, weak erections, premature ejaculation and even orgasm dysfunction.

How? Dopamine is known for stimulating and pleasing the body. When depleted, activities that once felt pleasurable no longer are. Take for instance chocolate cake. Chocolate cake, to some patrons, is known as a comfort food. It satisfies their cravings. It calms their nerves on a horrid day. It helps them “relax.” The satisfaction and pleasure felt is dopamine being released to appease the body’s craving.

Sex works in the same way. Your body craves it, so dopamine exudes from the brain to provide satisfaction. When the body fails to produce enough dopamine, often because of too much sex during early parts of your life or because of too much masturbation, the body experiences a lack of orgasms.

That's because sex and masturbation drain the body of necessary neurotransmitters while simultaneously impeding the parasympathetic nervous system from working properly. When the parasympathetic nervous system shuts down, the body cannot soak up the necessary nutrients from food. No nutrients equals low dopamine; low dopamine equals no orgasms.
The All-Natural Approach
Boosting dopamine and jumpstarting the parasympathetic nervous system help you return to your normal, orgasm-filled sex encounters. Abstaining from sex will help replenish lost dopamine levels, while restarting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Meanwhile, all-natural supplements formulated from Walking Sperm Bank will help kick-start your body into regain the necessary nutrients to restore dopamine levels and the parasympathetic nervous system.

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