Two Women, One Man, No Sex: He’s Married and Has a Girlfriend But Can’t Make Love to Either Because of Erection Problems

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He said it himself – he cannot have sex. With a wife and girlfriend, he should be able to have it anytime he wants. But, for no apparent reason, he can’t get hard. He misses sex, and his women worry they’re to blame. The only thing on his mind is how to recover his lost erections.

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I’m just going to lay this on you: I am 38 years old and cannot have sex. I should be able to - my wife is the sweetest woman in the world, and my girlfriend is hot as hell (don’t judge me, I love them both). But I can’t get hard with either of them. I’m not a heavy drinker, and I never smoke.
I keep thinking there must be a reasonable explanation for this, but I have none. Both my girls feel rejected, and I really miss sex. I’m willing to do anything to get my erections back.


Your duplicitous relationships aside, it is alarming when men lose their erections. Some males feel too exhausted from marathon sessions of sex and masturbation to continue the patterns. Others can’t clear their minds of the stress that follows them home from work. Still others worry they’re not good enough in bed to satisfy their partners. Whatever the reason, a complex series of events must fall perfectly into place for a mean to get an erection. If something is missing, the hard-on will never happen.
Consider Your Lifestyle
We already touched upon stress as a chief cause for erectile dysfunction (ED). You might think sex starts with the penis, but it actually begins in the brain. Neurotransmitters send messages to the penis that receive and process sexual stimulation. Unfortunately, stress also starts in the brain with the release of cortisol. This means if your thoughts are preoccupied with worry, you won’t be sufficiently interested in sex to achieve an erection.
Cortisol also exhausts internal functions of the body. It spurs into action those organs and tissues most vital for quick movements, which explains the rapid heartbeat and tense muscles that accompany stress. As blood flows to those areas, it is diverted from the penis. Proper blood flow is essential for a solid erection, and without it, you will experience ED.

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The Hormone Bump
Women get a bad rap for their hormonal fluctuations, but men undergo similar changes. Some males have low testosterone levels that interfere with sexual functions. Testosterone is the most important chemical in the body where erections are concerned. But a variety of studies have found men under age 50, and even a rising number under 40, suffer low testosterone.
The explanations for this range from increased cases of depression to increased levels of oestrogen in the environment. Man-made oestrogen can have a toxic effect on the body when levels become too extreme. It throws other hormones out of balance and stifles testosterone production. This is why a healthy diet of whole foods, rather than processed foods, can help stave off ED and keep your penis in proper working order.
Relax and Have Fun
It’s easier said than done, but if you stop worrying about sex, you might break the vicious cycle you find yourself in. Always wondering if your penis will work and feeling pressure to perform won’t help your cause. Having said that, you need to be honest with your wife and girlfriend. Explain the ED research you’ve performed and that low testosterone or high stress could be the reason for your bedroom problems. Then head into the bedroom and see what happens. Start with slow kissing, feather-light touches and easy caresses. Don’t expect anything – just enjoy the moment.
Don’t Waste another Moment
The best way to reduce stress and boost testosterone is to have sex. But to get to that point, you need a little shove. We’re talking about an herbal remedy that can increase blood flow to the penis, improve sensitivity and ignite desire. The herb with the ability to do all of this is Cnidium.
Cnidium seeds contain compounds that have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. Known as a natural aphrodisiac, Cnidium enhances all aspects of male sexual stamina for stronger erections, more energy and greater stamina. (TRY: Cnidium for Erection Restoration) One of the key aspects of Cnidium is its ability to stabilize hormones. Specifically, it increases testosterone to restore your manly edge. You’ll soon be back in bed and enjoying sex with any woman you choose.

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Cnidium: Helping with Erectile Capacity

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