Tubal Ligation and Early Menopause are Causing Her Frustration

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She underwent tubal ligation and for the last three years has been unable to orgasm. To make matters worse, she doesn’t even want sex. Her symptoms are further compounded by night sweats, all of which are the result of early menopause.

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I’m 46 and have a very hard time having an orgasm at all. I’m very frustrated because I never want to have sex anymore. Even if I were to try to masturbate, I would still have a very hard time. I did drugs a very long time ago. I also have engaged in masturbation several times a week, which started when I was 8 years old. I’ve had a few surgeries in my lifetime – eyes, tonsils and tubes tied. Having difficulty with orgasms started about three years ago. I do believe I’m pre-menopausal, and I’m having night sweats really bad.


Tubal ligation is a relatively common procedure that causes permanent sterilization. For this reason, most women think of it as nothing more than a way to prevent pregnancy. But since the 1930s, health care providers have been increasingly aware the surgery presents many complications. If you’re asking yourself how this can be, the simple answer is in hormones.
Tubal Ligation and Hormonal Disturbance
Tubal ligation blocks the fallopian tubes. Depending on the woman’s body, this is done in a number of different ways – clamping, burning and tying are just some examples. Once the tubes are blocked, sperm cannot travel through a woman’s body to cause pregnancy.
A hidden truth of tubal ligation is that it can lead to early menopause. This condition is highly debated in the medical field because ligation leaves the ovaries in-tact. But the surgery itself can reduce blood flow to the ovaries and cause sex hormone levels to rapidly drop. The ovaries are vital to a woman’s reproductive system for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because they produce estrogen and progesterone. Both hormones perform a wide variety of functions in the body and estrogen in particular promotes sexual desire. 
At the onset of menopause, estrogen levels decrease as the ovaries gradually stop producing follicles that release eggs. Tubal ligation mimics this effect when it damages veins that carry blood to the ovaries. After their surgeries, many women experience post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) that causes a catalogue of unpleasant symptoms.
The Hidden Side of PTLS
A number of women are told their symptoms of PTLS exist only “in their heads.” But tubal ligation can and does effect hormone levels, and even small hormonal fluctuations can render big changes for women. Among the most common complaint with PTLS is loss of libido, caused largely by plummets in estrogen. Doctors once believed testosterone was the only hormone involved in the female sex drive, but today it is well known that estrogen also plays an important role. Without normal estrogen levels, a woman will have little if any sexual desire.
Estrogen maintains health of the vagina as well. It ensures elasticity and lubrication that keep this organ strong. A healthy vagina also gives way to pleasurable sensations during sex, in terms of both clitoral stimulation and intercourse. This is because numerous nerves connect the vagina and clitoris. That network is stimulated during sex, but an unhealthy vagina will lead to orgasm dysfunction. A general lack of desire for sex will also impede your ability to climax, meaning that you must want sex before you can enjoy it. 
Hot Flashes
Menopause, whether induced by surgery or wrought naturally by time, often brings with it sudden and intense hot flashes. Again, this side effect is caused by drops in estrogen. The exact connection between hormones and the body’s internal methods to regulate temperature is not exactly understood. It is known, however, that they drive night sweats and can last from just seconds to several minutes.
Overcome the Effects of Menopause
Health care providers often tell women their menopausal symptoms are “normal” and will recede “with time.” But you don’t have to suffer through endless days of night sweats and orgasm dysfunction. An herbal remedy can in fact restore balance to your hormones and alleviate many of the health problems associated with menopause. (SEE: Female Restorex Formula) Dong Quai is an herb that promotes healthy tissue growth in and around the vagina, while Evening Primrose Oil enhances vaginal sensitivity. Your natural desire for sex will return along with powerful orgasms and regulated sleeping patterns.

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