Trying to Get Pregnant But Can’t Because of Vaginal Looseness

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Causes: vibrator damage Age: 18 - 35

She once used a large vibrator to masturbate and now has a loose vagina. She thinks this is why she can’t get pregnant, but other factors are at work – including the chemicals with which her sex toys are made.

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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, but my problem seems to be that I have a loose vagina because I used to masturbate with an oversized vibrator. I am no longer tight, which is making it difficult to get pregnant. I would like to use something safe and that wouldn’t interfere with me getting pregnant. I believe herbal products are safe as long as I use them prior to pregnancy, so I should be fine.


Just as sex cannot permanently stretch the vagina, neither can using a vibrator – at least, not in theory. What we’re trying to say is that vaginal penetration and orgasm do not cause vaginal looseness. Rather, this problem is a natural result of childbirth and age. The former fatigues vaginal muscles until they lose their elasticity, while the latter brings changes to the vagina as a result of fluctuating hormones. Sex toys can similarly alter the vagina’s environment, although you won’t find this information readily posted by erotica retailers. They keep it tucked away to protect profits.
Sex Toys Might Not Be as Pleasant as You Thought
The mechanics of vibrators cause them to be dangerous – they pulsate at rapid and intense speeds that, when directly touched to the genitals, rupture the skin, damage nerves and cause scar tissue to develop. But another hidden culprit – the chemicals with which these toys are made – also interferes with sexual health.
Because of the nature of the sex toy industry, consumers receive little information about the chemicals they contain. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency tried to right this wrong in 2005 and randomly tested 16 sex toys for toxins. They found that four contained phthalates, a chemical known to change hormone levels and cause birth defects. Most of the toys also contained chemicals like phenol and toluene, both of which have been linked to cancer and infertility.
Sex toy manufacturers are free to use whatever chemicals they wish without oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. During masturbation, these toxins mingle with body fluids and enter the blood stream. In effect, therefore, they can cause problems like vaginal looseness, dryness, fatigue, and even difficulty getting pregnant.
The Hormonal Side of the Equation
How do these symptoms appear? Because each reflects a hormonal imbalance, and as already discussed, sex toy chemicals can change hormone levels. For example, vaginal looseness is the result of estrogen deficiency. Estrogen helps maintain strong and thick walls that keep the vagina tight. When estrogen levels drop, muscles and tissues become thin and brittle. The organ as a whole becomes looser and dryer.
Sensation, Orgasm and Pregnancy
A loose vagina is not a direct cause of infertility. It does, however, impede orgasm for men and women. Of course a man must climax in order for pregnancy to occur, but your orgasm is equally important. Some scientists suggest the female climax opens the cervix wider so sperm can move more freely. This theory has not been proven, but it cannot be discounted.
Reaching orgasm also promotes the fact that you will want to continue having sex so you and your husband can practice your baby-making moves. But to first climax, you need all of your lady parts in tip-top working order. This means your nerves need to be strong and sensitive to enjoy his touch. You already know this, but vibrators can harm and completely desensitize your genitals. If you can’t feel your husband, you won’t want to engage in intercourse.
Safely Repair the Damage
You said it yourself – herbal formulas are safe and effective ways to care for your body. The remedy you need is one that rejuvenates and heals vaginal tissue; our VRD Formula II is the perfect blend. It incorporates such herbs as Rehmannia and Milk Thistle to improve vaginal sensitivity, repair neurotransmitters and improve blood flow to the genitals. (SEE: Natural Formula for Vaginal Looseness Restoration) You’ll be tight, toned and ready to try for the baby you want.

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VRD Formula II - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Vaginal Looseness

Loose vaginal sponge tissue and/or weak pelvic muscles can ruin a sexual experience.Loss in muscle tone is normal. What’s not normal is the hormone imbalances that cause muscle tone after a pregnancy.VRD Formula II increases the erectility of... Read more
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