Try Not To Blow Your Lid Just Yet!: Controlling Your Ejaculation

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Learn how you can prevent your random acts of premature ejaculation without having to sift through harmful chemicals.

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It doesn't happen to me all the time, but it has become sort of a thing. I might prematurely ejaculate once or twice a month while having sex with my girlfriend. She says it's not a big deal to her, but it matters to me in big way. Is there any practice I can try at home that will prevent this from continuing?


I think we can all agree that premature ejaculation is not fun for anyone involved. You end up feeling embarrassed and down trodden because you couldn't hold out any longer, and jumped the gun too soon. And your girl ends up annoyed that she didn't get to have that shiny orgasm she had her heart set on when you started.
The Trouble With Early Arrivals
The good news is, that there are several, non-chemically involved ways that will allow you to withhold ejaculation while engaged in intercourse, or any other sexual activity. However, before you begin any type of ejaculation prevention practice, you should first sort out your breathing technique.
Studies have shown that some light meditation may help to control the typically erratic breathing that goes along with a healthy state of arousal. Shallow, quick breaths will only increase the sensitivity and tension that causes you to ejaculate earlier than intended.

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The Breathing Method
A man who wants to overcome his premature ejaculation should ideally be able to avoid a short, and quick breathing style. These are the kinds of breaths that will only result in speeding up your heart rate and send you over the edge way too soon.
It's just a bit of extra work required by yourself, but by spending just as little as five minuets a day, deeply breathing in a full breath, and holding it for only about three seconds, you will greatly reduce your climactic reaction time.
How To Fix It
Once you have gotten a grasp on proper breathing technique, you will then be able to move on to more stylized ejaculation prevention practices. One of the most effective, being the Masters And Johnson's Squeeze method. This exercise will definitely require some incredible staying power and self control, which is why it is a good idea to sort out your deep breathing first.
I would suggest you start this method off solo. You may begin by masturbating alone. Each time, as you bring yourself closer to orgasm, or specifically just before you feel you are about to climax, squeeze your penis tightly with your hand in order to prevent ejaculation.
You should try to practice this several times by yourself before you try it out during actual intercourse. This will help you to get a better understanding of where exactly your point of no return is. Once you feel confident, you may try it out with your partner.

What to do

Masters and Johnson's Squeeze Method

Developed by Masters and Johnson, the squeeze method suggests stimulating the man to the brink, when he feels the onset of orgasm he is to squeeze his penis hard enough to inhibit ejaculation. Read more
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