This Trip Cost More Than A Hangover

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Consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms as a brief break from masturbating until he exhausted himself produced a total crash in his libido. What happened? Is the damage permanent, or can he recover his sex drive? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I recently did hallucinogenic mushrooms and I haven't been the same ever since. Before I ingesting the hallucinogen, I would masturbate to the point of sexual exhaustion. Now, I have little sexual desire. What is wrong with me?


Before the wreckage was rediscovered, one of the 20th century's most enduring mysteries was “What sank the Titanic?” After applying forensic analysis to the remains, as well as all surviving documentation, the question was changed to “What didn't sink the Titanic?” There were so many factors involved, such as design flaws in the “water-tight” bulkheads, traveling at unsafe speed and a host of safety violations, that the iceberg in question, as large as it was, really was the first possibility on a laundry list of things that could have sent the ship to the bottom.
Similarly, your libido has been sunk not just by experiencing hallucinogenic mushrooms, but also by your excessive masturbation. Let's take a look at the biochemistry involved to get a better idea of what has gone wrong, as well as how to fix it.
All Ahead Full
A reasonably healthy mental and physical state arises from having your hormones and neurotransmitters in a state of equilibrium, while masturbation and drug usage generate their effects by upsetting that balance. Psilocybin specifically does so by decreasing your body's supply of serotonin while interfering with the serotonin-receptors in your neurons. Oversimplifying greatly, think of the receptors as ignition-switches and the psilocybin as bubblegum: it fits the receptors perfectly, but doesn't actually turn the key.

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Too Much Coal In The Furnace
Prostaglandin e-2 is necessary to keep your blood vessels dilated during erections, but too much of it in your system for too long results in the tissues around the blood vessels getting swollen, compressing the vessels and boosting your blood pressure. This, in turn, can damage healthy cells while keeping the toxins circulating in your brain for longer than they should. Your acetylcholine supply can take a drastic downturn, leaving your thinking patterns disorganized for longer than is healthy. Your ability to generate nitric oxide, the “spark” that ignites your erections, decreases, as does your body's supply of a substance called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) will leave you with additional sexual dysfunctions.
Controlling The Fire Down Below
To recover your sex drive will require you to refrain from any kind of sexual activity for at least three solid weeks. You need to let your liver filter out all the extra stuff flooding your body, and your glands need to get their controls unstuck from their current production schedule, and a sabbatical from sex is non-negotiable if you want your erection to work properly again... ever.
While you're waiting for your erectile tissue to recover, you can enhance the process by improving your diet. Tissue-repair requires zinc and B-vitamins more than any other, though you could probably do yourself a huge favor by paying closer attention to all the nutrients you take in. Properly-prepared oyster, crab and lobster provide large amounts of both zinc and B-vitamins. Lean red meat and toasted wheat germ are excellent sources of zinc, while salads consisting of leafy green vegetables, eggs and dairy products will cover most of your B-complex needs. Do your own research to see what kinds of food you like, and you may develop a taste for more nutritious fare; you may even develop an alternate means of reducing stress by learning to cook.
Consider establishing and maintaining a moderate exercise program. Aside from additional stress relief, exercise improves cardiovascular health and reduces abdominal fat, both of which contribute to your sexual performance. Your testosterone levels will improve, which further strengthens your erections and contributes to tissue regeneration.
You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement to help you recover from your ill-advised trip. One will help speed the process of detoxifying your body by strengthening your liver's filtration function, as well as reducing the amount of excess prostaglandin e-2 in your system. (TRY: Marijuana Detox & Erection Restoration Formula). Another will support your body's own tissue-regeneration process as well as improving microcirculation in your erectile tissues. (TRY: Natural Erection Supplements and Pills).
Keep your health-care provider informed of your situation and pay close attention to any recommendations you may receive. An expert's advice can shave weeks off of your recovery time. Good luck!

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