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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: low testosterone aging arteries Age: Over 56

Here we have a gentleman who, in spite of getting long in the tooth, is still having fun with much younger women. The only problem is that his penis is not responding as much to stimulation and may need a little natural boost…

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I’m a man who has entered his silver age, and I’ve been getting a little softer than usual downstairs. Even though I am still attracting women half my age, when I get them into the ol’ sack, my penis fails to rise to the occasion.
I’m in good health otherwise, just need some advice on how to reclaim my ability to produce a proper hard-on.


Even though Stuart was getting along in years and was a greying haired white male, he didn’t reflect his 56 years of being on Earth. He was very active, ran every day, had a relatively healthy diet, and had plenty of sex – well until recently.
Stuart was a sailing instructor and would routinely hook up with 30ish and even 20-somethings that he’d supposedly been hired to “teach.” Instead of teaching the young ladies how to navigate the waves and winds, he’d end up steering them down into the cabin for some horizontal tango-time.
A Slippery Eel
One recent red-haired hellion of a woman, all of 26 years of age, quickly indicated that she’d like to take a spin down in Stuart’s cabin. After pulling into a local cove and anchoring, the young woman proceeded to tear Stuart’s clothes off and push him onto the cabin’s cushions.
She mounted him and rubbed her naked naughty parts on his and then attempted to guide his wee-wee into her vajayjay.
“Uh…it’s not going in,” she said in a disappointed tone.
Stuart looked down at their groin regions. “Huh?”
“Don’t play dumb, mister. You’re limp as a gimp!”
“That’s never happened before.” Stuart wasn’t exactly being truthful. It had also happened with the last couple of women, but he didn’t know why.

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Father Time Comes Knocking
Impotence can happen suddenly, as in the case of receiving some sort of penile blunt force trauma/injury. Other times, it can creep into a man’s life more gradually, as is sometimes the case when men get older.
As men age, their arteries can become more and more worn out. As a consequence, they can become less efficient at transporting blood around to different parts of the body; including the groin.
One can think of each aging artery as an old river that has been neglected, and that people have used as a waste repository where build-up has inhibited its normal flow. When this happens, the normally gushing rapids can turn into a mere trickle, which barely feeds the large lake that eventually leads to (those interconnected penile blood chambers).
Reduced flow = soft erections.
So how does one reverse this unfortunate condition?
Your Potent Pick-up
There are powerful botanical extracts in liquid form (tinctures) that are readily available to men seeking to solve the problem of soft erections. (SEE: Natural Erection Improvement Formula for Seniors) The herbs included in these mixtures complement each other, and together they form a synthesis which is highly effective at combating impotence.
Not only do they help to increase blood circulation, but they also naturally increase testosterone levels, which in turn can turbo-boost a man’s sexual virility and lust for carnal pleasures. Older men have reported feeling like a young man again after taking these herbal remedies; engaging in sweaty, moan-inducing sex for hours on end.
So take all of the guess work out of resolving your libido issues and get your herbal-powered solution today!

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