Too Much White Discharge During Sex

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Is there really such a thing as being too 'wet' for sex?

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My wife is 21 and produces a lot of white discharge during sexual intercourse. Is this a bad or good thing? Also it seems like she needs to pee so many times when we are having sex. She is kind of a short girl and I am a 32 year old man. Both of us had not had any sex before our marriage one year ago. We need advice desperately.


I think we can all agree that sex is always better served wet. Having less than the proper amount of lubrication always leads to a rough ride. But did you know that there is most definitely such a thing as being too wet? Too much natural lubrication or 'wetness' during intercourse can actually decrease sensitivity. 
Too Much Of A Good Thing
For a woman, the abundant lubrication will lessen stimulation across the vaginal walls, and for your male partner the snug sensation can be lost. This happens sometimes, mainly because a female's body is producing an excessive amount of progesterone because of high levels of estrogen.

Abnormal amounts of estrogen will leave us with more discharge then needed. You might also experience an exorbitant amount of white vaginal discharge if your body is deficient of androgen hormones.  
At One With Each Other
A deficiency of androgen hormones will weaken a woman's uterine and PC muscles. Unfortunately,  in addition to excessive moisture, the deficiency also enables vaginal and urethral infection which could lead to frequent urination. Since your significant other is also experiencing the sensation of having to urinate during intercourse, it could be because her G-spot and urethra are being over stimulated.  
What To Do
Though it might not be the most romantic thing to suggest to your partner, you should ask her to go to the bathroom before the two of you become intimate. This will alleviate some of the stress her bladder might be under at any given moment.

I would also suggest talking to your wife about doing kegel exercises to help strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. Please reassure her that it is medically proven that more young women than older, experience stress incontinence, or the sensation of having to pee during sex.  
She should also be aware of how to begin balancing out her estrogen levels, as this will help to cut back on some of the extra lubrication. I would recommend talking to your OBGYN, if you are currently taking birth control the problem could be fixed by simply switching brands or forms of contraception. There are also some great natural herbs out there that can help to regulate the proper production of arousal hormones.


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