Too Much Sex Has Loosened My Girlfriend

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Learn about a man who is questioning his overly healthy sex life with his girlfriend.

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Hi, my girlfriend and I have been having sex one to two times a day for the last eight months since we got together. She was always able to have an orgasm by penetration until recently. Now she wants me to make her orgasm using oral sex because that is the only way. I have noticed that her vagina has expanded since we first started this sex marathon. Is there anything to help her vagina tighten or just make her be able to orgasm?


Many women struggle to keep their vaginas as tight as can be, which can be very difficult if they are engaging in sex each day. However, vaginal looseness is usually attributed to a hormonal imbalance, caused by damage to the skin that surrounds the vaginal area.
Don't Be A Loose Goose
Throughout our bodies, the skin functions as a sort of communication highway that takes its cue from the brain to release such hormones. Because the entire exterior of a woman's genital area is encased with skin things like excessive intercourse or masturbation can interrupt the line of communication. In this case you are now working with the bare minimum of hormones that are able to reach the vaginal tissue. These hormones are actually what determine how tight vaginal walls become.
Marathon Men And Women
Luckily, there are many options when it comes to bringing tightness back to the vagina. One of the easiest being kegel exercises. If your girlfriend has never done a kegel, they are really quite easy. They can be practiced while taking a potty break. The next time she is on the toilet, she should try to control her stream of urine. If she can start and stop the flow then she can kegel with the best of them. I would recommend doing ten of these exercises in the morning and ten before bed at night. This will help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles immensely.
I would also suggest pumping the breaks when it comes to the sex train. At this point, your girlfriend's vagina will need time to heal. Having sex each day will only loosen her vaginal wall further. Try going a minimum of three days before engaging in intercourse once she's begun kegel exercises.
Herbal Intervention
You can never go wrong with the natural path, and by utilizing herbs such as Milk Thistle, Muira Puama, Suma, and Tribulus you'll definitely be on the right track. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Vaginal Detox and Restoration) Natural remedies that include herbs such as these will enhance vaginal elasticity, increase vaginal nerve ending sensitivity, and promote proper erectile functions of the vaginal spongy tissues.
Clitoris vs. Penetration
You should also keep in mind that most women do not experience orgasm through penetration alone. Over eighty percent of women need to be stimulated clitorally in order to reach climax. And the best way for a woman to get the proper amount of friction needed to achieve orgasm, is for her to be on top.

What to do

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