Too Much Pleasure Leads To Pain

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Here's the story of a woman who used her vibrator for years. Now, her clitoris gives her intense pain when she masturbates and has trouble with climaxing. She is concerned about nerve damage and internal scarring. What happened? Read on and get the facts so you can learn what to do in case her symptoms sound uncomfortably familiar.

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I just wrote a letter but not sure if I explained my problem enough for you to help me. Whenever I masturbate now, I have intense pain around my clitoris. I used to masturbate quite a lot, I am female and started at age 14. I also used a vibrator in my teens on top of my clitoris to cause orgasm. I have had numbness in the past, and now that is better I think but not sure, as I have to use a lot of fantasy to reach climax. Anyhow, I am worried if maybe using the vibrator damaged the nerves and caused some [scarring] to cause this intense pain. What do I do? Am I too old to fix it now? I am 46. Will I be permanently disabled with this problem?


The one was literally made for the other. And he can be your best friend on cold, lonely nights, or long, boring ones. He won't get jealous if you decide to play with a different toy, or leave him alone for days at a time. He'll never talk back, never leave his clothes on the floor or the toilet seat up, and he'll go back into his box without complaint when you're done with him. All he really asks in return is that you keep him clean and change his batteries when necessary. He's perfect... right?
The Long-Term Price
Well, no, not really. Your vibrator, like most good things in life, should be used in moderation. You may find yourself salivating at the merest whiff of your favorite food, but you'd get pretty sick of it if that was all you ever ate, day in and day out. We all know (or should know) the dangers of over-indulging in alcohol or other recreational drugs. Using your vibrator too often falls in the same category.
You may not see them immediately, but abusing yourself with a vibrator can leave scars and swelling on the linings of your vagina, cervix and clitoris. As your body tries to compensate for this damage, the tissues swell and can produce too many nerve endings in the vestibule, or opening, of your vagina. In time, the nerves may become so sensitive that any physical contact may trigger a reaction as if you are being burned, cut, or stabbed down there.
On the other end of your spine, vibrator abuse can knock the brain's normal levels of stress hormones and enzymes completely off the rails. Too much prolactin can decrease your sex drive and your fertility, while not enough dopamine can reduce the pleasure you get from sex when you do engage in it. Your average levels of testosterone (yes, ladies, you need some of this stuff to fuel your orgasms, among many other things) and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, the stuff that your body uses to make testosterone) may take a nosedive, leaving you with far less available for the other things your body needs.
What Can I Do?
First things first: you'll need to reduce your sexual activities for two to three weeks, preferably down to nothing, so your body has a chance to heal. It will also take the time to filter out the extra levels of stress hormones built up in your bloodstream, and replenish the various hormones and nutrients that over-indulging in sex have reduced. Next, talk with your health-care provider about your symptoms and pay close attention to her analysis and suggestions; you may need more than three weeks off, for example, depending on the state of your body's ability to heal. While you follow her advice, you might consider using an herbal supplement designed to assist your body in eliminating the undesired chemicals in your bloodstream as well as boosting the regeneration process. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration & Detox Relief)
Your clitoris has been damaged, and you need to treat it with the same care and concern you would show a broken leg or arm. But the good news is that, with care and time, your clitoris can return to something like its wonderful old self.

What to do

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Abusing a vibrator can trigger chronic elevation of prolactin, dopamine-norepinephrine or epinephrine conversion, leading to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms. Vibrator abuse can accelerate aging of the vagina,... Read more
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