Too Much of a Good Thing: Estrogen Dominance Causes Excessive Vaginal Discharge

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With her husband about to come home from serving overseas in the military, she is thinking about love and sex. But her confidence has taken a big hit because of excessive vaginal discharge caused by a hormonal imbalance. The solution is to cleanse her liver with a healthy diet and drink a restorative herbal tincture.

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I have been suffering from excessive white vaginal discharge for many years now. This has affected my confidence in my marriage, and I need help. My husband has been deployed for one year and will return soon. I want to have sex without worrying about this problem. My discharge is thick at some times and watery at others, but no pain and no foul smell. It is extremely annoying. Please help!


You suffer from a condition known as estrogen dominance, which equates to an imbalance in your body’s estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. These hormones receive a lot of media attention and are often the buttes of jokes. However, their delicate balance is required in men and women alike to keep bodies running at optimal performance. When that balance is disrupted, symptoms like excessive vaginal discharge can ensue. It is therefore time to look at what’s going on inside your body to correct events on the outside.
The Truth about Hormone Deficiencies
When a woman is said to have a progesterone deficiency, what she actually has is estrogen dominance. Estrogen is naturally produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands and fat cells. But this hormone is mimicked by many environmental toxins that, upon entering the body, are treated as estrogen. The greatest sources of these chemicals – known as xeno-estrogens – are sodas in plastic bottles, cosmetics that contain parabens and pesticides. Even dairy products flood the body with environmental estrogens.
Other factors that lead to estrogen dominance include high stress, excess body fat, a low-fiber diet, and compromised immune functions. In turn, this condition throws the body out of whack and causes symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, decreased sex drive, irritability, insomnia, depression, and headaches. 
The Right Balance
Estrogen is balanced in the body by progesterone, and with testosterone these hormones are responsible for many different functions. All three are so important that they’re produced by a complex communication system between the brain, ovaries and adrenal glands. Compared to the other two hormones, estrogen is extremely powerful and can cause a ripple of change in the body if it’s even slightly altered. 
When considering hormonal balance, don’t think of these chemicals existing in a smooth and constant stream. Instead, their levels significantly vary throughout a woman’s 28-day cycle. The balance, therefore, is in keeping them from becoming either too excessive or too scarce for the functions they must perform within the body.
Estrogen Dominance and Vaginal Discharge
The symptoms of estrogen dominance have already been touched on, but the one with which you most identify is vaginal discharge. Some daily discharge is necessary to clean the vagina of disease-causing bacteria and maintain a healthy pH level. Even the fluctuations you notice in its consistency are normal: discharge tends to become clear and stretchy around ovulation, while the rest of time it’s usually white.
Excessive discharge occurs when the body’s progesterone levels are too low to balance those of estrogen. Most vaginal discharge is the result of hormones, but you should never feel embarrassed by or self-conscious of your discharge. When this happens, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes and take control of your body.
Balance Your Hormones
Estrogen dominance occurs when the liver cannot process this hormone into the form needed by the body. Too much estrogen, reduced liver function or a combination of both can lead to this condition. One of the biggest factors in regulating estrogen and improving liver function is diet. You therefore need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – as you avoid fried foods and artificial sweeteners – to give your body the nutrients it needs.
You can also take an herbal tincture that will restore balance to your vagina and detoxify your liver. (TRY: Excessive Vaginal Discharge Herbal Tincture) Tinctures are concentrated medicinal drinks that harvest and capitalize on the healing powers of herbs. They are easy to make and have been used for centuries to treat illnesses. Herbs that will be of particular benefit to you include White Peony, Evodia and Curcuma.

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