Too Many Symptoms to List: Her Body’s on an Erratic Ride with PMS

Her symptoms of PMS are interfering with everything from her mental well-being to her sex life. Vaginal odor and discharge, menstrual cramps and vaginal dryness have prompted her to visit the doctor on numerous occasions. She understands she suffers from menstrual symptoms, but now she needs a solution so she can get on with life.

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I get a really heavy white discharge with a nasty odor. I have been to the doctor on several occasions for treatment, but the medication prescribed does not work. I get cramps in my abdomen area, and every time I go to the doctor, they tell me I have menstrual problems. When it comes to having intercourse, I sometimes do not get naturally lubricated. What can I use to help me?


Concerns about vaginal discharge commonly prompt women to visit their health care providers. Many types of discharge are normal, especially when they are clear or white in color. They help clean the vagina as well as keep muscles strong and healthy. The only real problem is when discharge deviates in color or consistency; alarming characteristics include gray, green or yellow discharge that is clumpy and/or accompanied by a foul smell.
Your Body on PMS
While your discharge reflects some of these signs – thick and fetid – the fact that your doctor has not diagnosed you with an infection suggests you are dealing with the ill effects of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). It is estimated that between 85 and 90 percent of women in the United States suffer some degree of PMS. Although not well-understood, the condition is caused by natural hormonal fluctuations. Symptoms vary for each woman and include everything from headaches and irritability to fatigue and abdominal bloating. Many women also complain of vaginal discharge and odor.
Vaginal discharge - which is again completely normal - fluctuates before, during and after ovulation because of estrogen. This hormone increases considerably before ovulation to prepare the body for pregnancy. Its increased levels prompt the cervix, uterus and vagina to produce more fluid, which in turn is expelled in the form of discharge. As you experience this increased discharge, it’s also common to note the thick consistency and heavy, white hue.

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Vaginal Odor
Perhaps even more embarrassing than vaginal discharge is that of smell. But the vagina undergoes so many changes during the menstrual cycle that it’s bound to be affected on a variety of levels. Many factors impact feminine odor, including foods digested, hygiene routines, presence of bacteria, and hormones.
Among the most common odors is “fishy,” which occurs just prior to and during bleeding. At other times, the vagina might smell musky, slightly sour or metallic. Each of these is the result of hormonal fluctuations. The fishy smell in particular comes on the heels of estrogen and progesterone bouncing up and down before ovulation. These smells are unpleasant and can interfere with intimacy, but they are completely normal.
Two More Points of Misery: Cramps and Dryness
No discussion of PMS would be complete without touching on abdominal cramps. These painful spasms are caused by uterine contractions that expel blood. The blood consists of the uterine lining formed during ovulation to nourish a fertilized embryo. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, the blood must be pushed from the body so the entire process can start again the following month.
In complete reversal of the excessive vaginal discharge you experience before and during ovulation, vaginal dryness often sets in after. Hormone levels plummet if a woman doesn’t become pregnant. Because estrogen prompts the production of vaginal fluid, a decrease in this hormone makes the vagina drier. For those times when natural lubrication isn’t enough, an over-the-counter lubricant might help.
Stop the Roller Coaster Ride of Symptoms
In addition to natural fluctuations prompted by the menstrual cycle, environmental toxins and stress can also affect hormones. The solution is rarely a prescription antibiotic, intended only to treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause. A better way to improve health and stop the severity of PMS is with herbal supplements. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Premenstrual Symptom Relief)
Many women think PMS is merely a side effect of being female, but an herbal formula can put the body in a more balanced state. Ingredients like White Peony and Passion Flower alleviate symptoms like cramping, vaginal dryness and excessive discharge. The combination of these and other herbs also regulate hormones.

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Often, the distress and pain associated with PMS is normal and endurable. But for some women, the pain can be a source of agony and stress. Most of the discomfort can be reduced or relieved thanks to a realignment of the body’s hormonal production... Read more
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