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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Women's Orgasm Difficulty

How can I make my lady’s clitoris and G-spot to be erected fully? How can I give my lady orgasm without intercourse? My lady says that she feels uncomfortable during the middle of masturbate…

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Your Qi Gong method of breathing has helped me control ejaculation. Thank you.

  1. How can I make my lady's clitoris and G-spot erect fully? I find this task very difficult. Is there something my lady could do to help me in this?
  2. How can I give my lady orgasm without intercourse?
  3. My lady says that she feels uncomfortable during the middle of masturbation in a way that is not same as the finger plier method that you developed. Will your method help? What advice do you have for her so that she can help me give her an orgasm?


  1. Pop her clitoris and G-spot out. It depends on her testosterone level and how testosterone can be burned by 5-alpha reductase. Generally, it requires a testosterone burst and burning during the sexual encounter.

    If her body has too much estrogen and/or too little testosterone, she can get very wet but cannot erect her clitoris and G-spot. Estrogen tends to increase the size of the breasts, labia minors (inner lips), and clitoral hood, but shrinks the glans clitoris into the clitoral hood making it invisible. It also increases the thickness of the vaginal lining making the G-spot inaccessible. The mechanism of the clitoral and G-spot erection is the same as that of the penis. It is driven by the parasympathetic sexual nerve (the neurotransmitter acetylcholine) through the neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide and the erection dilator cGMP, which is continuously powered by the burning of testosterone. Without a testosterone burst and burning, she cannot pop the glans clitoris and G-spot out. If she is on birth control pills, there is a chance that her body is over flooded by estrogen and/or progesterone. Thus, the estrogen or progesterone-overloaded liver cannot produce sufficient essential enzymes to synthesize sufficient NO, cGMP and testosterone to support the clitoral and G-spot erection. In fact, excessive estrogen or progesterone in the body will shrink the penis, clitoris and G-spot, but likely increase the breast size (under the excessive estrogen action). It is very sad that the beauty under the bra cannot comprise with that under the panty. Men love the big boobs (the upper beauty), but ignore the big glans clitoris and G-spot (the under and inner beauty). If you look at the naked women with a pair of big boobs in the porn movies, magazines or internet adult websites, you will not see their glans clitoris beside their long clitoral hood and big inner lips. The women who cannot erect the glans clitoris and G-spot (the urethral spongy tissues) usually experience orgasmic dysfunction, so do the men who cannot erect the penis.

    If she encounters the clitoral and G-spot erectile problem, EvaMax III can help her out. Try this first: Stimulate her clitoris and G-spot at the same while she watches a porn movie. Visual stimulation is a very powerful method to produce a testosterone burst and burning. 

    If the combination of the visual stimulation and 2-point excitation method fails to erect her glans clitoris and G-spot (you can sense or see her clitoral hard erection and the expansion of her labia majors like a yeast-inflated cake), her brain/mind does not respond properly and she needs the dietary products.

  2. Try my finger pliers method or 2-point excitation method - that is, licking/eating her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot.

  3. Her G-spot or urethral nerves are irritated due to the deficiency of testosterone. It can also result from over-stimulation at the same spot. Without a testosterone burst and burning during stimulation, the tissues surrounding the nervous fibers will not dilate to protect the nerves. Particularly, the urethral nerve becomes over-stimulated, resulting in urethral or bladder infection. Don't stimulate the same spot. Alternate the stimulation on both sides of the G-spot. If you use my Finger Pliers Method, perform a screwing motion to stimulate the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues.



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Troy Tao posted on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 11:29
I get pretty bummed sometimes because I can not fully satisfy my partner. She just shrugs it off when I orgasm before her because she wants to achieve her climax. I want to find new ways to be able to help her out and this is going to help out a lot. I am going to surprise her tonight
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