Tiny Pill, Tiny Penis: His Daily Steroid Use Has Destroyed His Erections and Put His Relationship on the Line

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She loves her boyfriend and appreciates his muscular body, but she’s tired of the bedroom woes. He can’t maintain an erection, a problem she attributes to his steroid use. She’s tried to discuss her concerns, but he doesn’t want to hear them. Meanwhile, she’s ready to end the relationship to find a man who can please her in bed.

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My boyfriend has a great body – he’s a hardcore bodybuilder who’s competed in national lifting competitions since his early 20s. He’s sweet and fun to be around but completely incompetent in bed. He can’t stay hard long enough for us to have sex. He’ll get an erection during foreplay, but it wilts within a few minutes. I know the problem is his steroids; he uses them every day to stay buff. But he won’t listen to me, and I’m ready to hit the road. Thanks for listening.


People think of steroids as “manly” pills. Because they build muscles, they should seemingly build testosterone. But steroids have the opposite effect on the body. They lower testosterone and interfere with many different functions – including those of sex.
The Consequences of Steroids
It’s no secret that athletes of all levels seek to edge out their competition. So was the case in 1889, when Major League Baseball pitcher “Pud” Galvin became the first to try injectable steroids. He had heard of the hormone-based substance and hoped it might improve his performance on the field. The injections must have worked, because in the decades that followed, scientists began to study androgen hormones in earnest.
In the 1940s, steroids became available to the masses. Body builders on the west coast used them to increase muscle mass, and steroids soon exploded into other sports markets because they improved performance. From Olympic athletes to football players, these pills marked competitive sporting events throughout the 1970s and 80s.
Steroids are today much less revered because research has revealed their dangerous side effects. Among these are impaired liver function, increased blood pressure and psychotic episodes. In males, steroids alter sex drive, shrink the testicles and cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Steroids and Testosterone
In terms of structure, anabolic steroids mimic the effects of testosterone in the body. That’s why they lead to temporary bulks in muscles mass and performance spikes. However, note the word temporary; steroids are not the healthy substances some athletes believe them to be.
Because steroids mimic testosterone, they upset the body’s natural hormone production. This means actual testosterone levels drop. But anabolic steroids are not hormones – they’re chemicals synthesized by man to bring an unnatural state of perfection to the body.
As testosterone drops, men lose their sexual desire, erections and/or both. Testosterone is responsible for a healthy libido and high-functioning penis. But that’s not all - this hormone performs many functions in the body, including balancing other chemicals. One of these chemicals is prolactin, known to destroy erections. So, when the body produces less testosterone, prolactin levels increase and impede a man’s sexual abilities.
The Hidden Truth of Prolactin
Traditionally, the male body contains small levels of prolactin. Its primary function comes after sex, to balance feelings of pleasure and give the penis a chance to recover. In females, prolactin stimulates breast milk during and after pregnancy to nourish babies.
Men with balanced hormones rarely see the effects of high prolactin levels. But a man with a disturbed hormonal axis, such as that caused by steroid abuse, cannot have normal sex. The amount of damage done depends on the length of steroid use and the amount ingested.
Switch from Wrong to Right
Your boyfriend needs to immediately stop using steroids – they’re ruining his health and putting his relationship in jeopardy. You’ve said he doesn’t want to listen, but you need to share your thoughts with him. Let him know the hidden dangers steroids contain, and then tell him he can restore sexual function with a natural supplement. That’s right…he can trade the wrong pills for the right ones. All he needs is an herbal remedy that contains Sarsaparilla Jamaican. (TRY: Sarsaparilla Jamaican for Ultimate Erections)
Sarsaparilla Jamaican boosts the body’s production of testosterone. This means more sexual desire and harder erections. A natural herb, Sarsaparilla Jamaican also detoxifies the liver and cleanses the blood to rid the body of harmful toxins. Your boyfriend will be able to expel the residue left by steroids and enjoy more energy. Dumping the steroids will be a win-win for both of you.

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