Tighten testicles make him ejaculate prematurely

He is unable to control of ejaculation due to his tense testicles

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I am a 24-year-old healthy guy. Recently, I’ve had a problem with ejaculation.  My testicles seem too tense and tight. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that makes me ready to ejaculate prematurely. I’ve got a special girl in my life now, and I want to last longer for her.


Try testicular massage to loosen up your testicles. Pull your testicle down several times and massage the penile base and footing and the pubis to improve the local blood circulation. Take climax control herbs to strengthen your parasympathetic nerve to help you control ejaculation better.

What to do

Testicular Massage

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Climax Control Herbs & Pills For Healthy Nerve Cell Signaling

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Ethan Captain's picture
Ethan Captain posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:32
the discussion is right. i definitely recommend you use the testicular massage because it has helped me with any problems in my testicles. Maybe it will help you too.
OliverRock's picture
OliverRock posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:30
Why don't you guys use foreplay at first? Tell her to play around with everything you have down there including your testicles and maybe that will ease some of the tension they create. It's worth a shot.
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