Thyroid Problems Decrease Your Stamina In Many Ways

A young man diagnosed with a thyroid condition had suffered from increased appetite, and concurrent increase in weight that exercise did not reduce. Premature ejaculation has also appeared. What's going on? Read on, get the facts and see what you can do if you find his problem very familiar.

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When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I saw my weight rapidly increase, while my appetite followed suit. My tried to exercise to stymie the weight gain but I never could. And now with my diagnosis, my body too suffers from a different kind of problem: premature ejaculation.
I’ve spoken to doctors, and they all say the same thing: We cannot cure your problem. Can my problem be cured?


Many people have no clue what the throid is or what it does.
What Is The Thyroid?
The thyroid is a gland that resembles a bow-tie in both shape and position, in that it is found in the throat just below the Adam's apple. Unlike the neckwear, the thyroid performs several critical functions throughout your entire body, such as controlling how quickly your body makes proteins, or adjusting your sensitivity to other hormones. It does this through the production of various thyroid hormones.
How Does It Affect My Erection?
A malfunctioning thyroid, be it a too-busy one pumping too many hormones into your bloodstream or a lazy one that doesn't release enough of them, will make a mess of many bodily functions. With respect to your sex life, your out-of-whack thyroid will eventually deaden your hypothalamus and pituitary glands as well as your testicles. When these two glands aren't working properly, your body doesn't manufacture DHEA as quickly as you need to rein in ejaculations. Likewise, when your testes don't supply as much testosterone as you need to meet your body's demands, your sexual performance suffers in many ways.
In addition, your parasympathetic neural net will be operating at well below desired efficiency. The parasympathetic nerves are what allows you to, among many other things, hold back your ejaculations, and they do so via the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. When your body cannot produce enough acetylcholine, you'll find your thoughts getting a little fuzzy and you'll have difficulty making decisions, and you lose staying power in your erections.
Is It Incurable?
You should bear in mind that “incurable” does not automatically mean “untreatable”. It is perfectly possible to live a very normal and active life while incorporating thyroid treatments. Much like people who risk toxic responses to insect stings respond by carrying epi-pens with them wherever possible, those who suffer from thyroid conditions can reduce the effects of the problem through careful planning and reasonable adjustments to their lifestyles.
You should also be aware that suffering from thyroid problems does not mean that you are “excused” from suffering any other medical problems. In fact, you should expect the reverse; many conditions can be caused or complicated by thyroid problems, given the critical nature of the gland's importance to almost every other bodily function. You would be very wise to have your glucose and blood pressure checked; diabetes as well as hypertension can affect your libido and make thyroid-induced problems even worse.
You have several possible treatment options. Your health-care provider should keep you updated on your hormone levels, especially testosterone, DHEA and androgens. If you are maintaining your exercise regimen, you might also consider one or more points on this list of natural ways to increase your natural testosterone. Something as simple as eating pumpkin seeds or drinking club soda might have noticeable effects in only a few days' time by giving your body additional supplies of zinc, a mineral critical to maintaining your health in many ways. While you explore your other options, you should consider taking an herbal supplement designed specifically to help with premature ejaculation as a result of thyroid hormone disorders.

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