Their Marriage Is Hanging By a Thread After His Vasectomy Has Him Stuck Without Erections, and Her Without Sex!

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He’s had a vasectomy, but now he’s lost his erections. They don’t have to worry about kids, because he can’t even get hard! His wife had no idea this could happen, and feels completely stressed out and confused. What can we do to remedy the situation?

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Ever since my husband’s vasectomy, I’ve noticed he has major issues getting an erection. The doctor never mentioned that this might be a potential side effect. Even while we’re having sex, he can sometimes abruptly lose his erection. I love my husband, but I’m tired of limp sex. Can you help?


How unfortunate for you as a couple! Trying to make an informed decision and ending up with an outcome you’d never foreseen. Unfortunately, vasectomies do have the ability to disrupt testosterone production in the testes, and once that hormonal system has gone awry, to create problems in the adrenal-pituitary axis as well!
Testy Without Testosterone
The only good thing I can tell you out of all of this is that I believe your husband’s erectile malfunctions to be strictly caused by a lack of testosterone. This hormone is completely responsible for male sexual response. Without it, it’s surprising that your husband is even feeling a desire for sex at all! Testosterone creates male arousal and libido, keeps muscles toned and ready for action, primes the chemical reactions necessary for erection and ejaculation, and keeps a man’s head in order (upper and lower).

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Man Mojo
In order to treat your husband’s erectile dysfunction, you ought to begin by increasing his testosterone and DHEA levels. DHEA, dihydroepiandrosterone is the forerunner to testosterone, it can trigger testosterone production even when the testes aren’t keeping up production. However, with the adrenal gland knocked out of whack by the imbalance already happening, it’s unlikely that his body has DHEA in any great supply as well.
Tried and Tested
Therefore, why not begin an herbal supplement that’s been proven to boost levels of DHEA and testosterone? (SEE: Maca for Stronger Erections) Maca has been used for centuries to increase libido, virility and, more recently, sperm count in males. Dr. Hyla Cass, on an interview on the properties of Maca claimed she had seen its efficacy on the sexual response and libidos of numerous males in her practice. Other doctors claim they’ve seen proven results of its effects on male fertility, a positive claim for you—as low testosterone is a huge influencer of infertility.
Not only that, but Maca also works through increased blood flow, and an increased ability of the penis to remain erect. An engorged penis is also more sensitive, increasing your husband’s pleasure, and encouraging his erection to remain…well, erect!
Try It
I think Maca is a safe and beneficial way to begin to restore your husband to his full vitality. It won’t be pouring testosterone into his already stressed and strained hormonal axis. Think of it as a nudge in the right direction—helping him to regain his love life, but not overwhelming him. You’ll soon be reaping the benefits as well. Good luck!

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