A Testament to Birth Control and its Unwanted Effects on the Vagina, Especially with Discharge and Odor

For more than two years, she’s been plagued by vaginal discharge. Not even the doctors can help, and she’s stumped because she takes care of her body in every way possible. She stopped the seven months ago with the hope the discharge would stop, but so far no such luck.

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I have had a sticky, white, excessive discharge for over two years now. I have been to five OB-GYNs, and not one has been able to find anything abnormal. It is most present during intercourse, and each time I use the restroom it comes out. It does not seem normal, and I take very good care of my hygiene. I am worried this is a major problem. It has a slight odor and harsh taste. I don’t get a regular period, either, and have been off the pill for seven months hoping that was the cause for the discharge. Please help.


A woman’s sex life is her business. This includes the decision to have sex, when and with whom. Of course, no thought of intercourse is complete without the consideration of pregnancy – is it or isn’t it the right time to start a family? This decision then leads to the question of birth control. After all, oral contraceptives afford women the opportunity to choose. It unfortunately also opens them to the ill effects of synthetic hormones, and once triggered those side effects can be difficult to escape.
A Brief Explanation of Birth Control
In 1916, Margaret Sanger opened a birth control clinic – the first in the United States. Decades later, in 1950, she became involved with the first-ever endeavor to provide women with a birth control pill. She was in her 80s but still managed to raise $150,000 for the project’s research and formulation. After 10 years, her vision was realized when Frank Colton introduced the first oral contraceptive.
Today’s birth control pills are distinctly different from those of old. Early ones contained high levels of hormones that caused significant health problems, including heart attack and stroke. Improved formulas now contain fewer hormones, but inherent dangers still exist. This is because shutting down normal processes – in this instance, ovulation – requires chemicals that send the body into a tail-spin.
Oral Contraceptives and Health Hazards
The Guttmacher Institute reports roughly 62 percent of women in their childbearing years take an oral contraceptive. Side effects of the pill are thus well-documented. Loss of libido, headaches and breast tenderness are just some examples. Many women also suffer from vaginal discharge.
The body naturally emits vaginal discharge to effectively clean the vagina. This organ is sophisticated enough to expel bacteria and toxins that can cause disease. But all discharge is not normal. Some even suggests a health problem, and signs to look for include yellow, gray or green discharge accompanied by lumpy texture and foul odor. However, the fluid you describe points to a hormonal imbalance.
Estrogen is one of the body’s primary sex hormones. It is responsible for a variety of functions, including the stimulation of vaginal discharge. As estrogen levels fluctuate throughout a 28-day cycle, so too does discharge. This is readily apparent before ovulation, when a woman’s hormone levels increase and discharge becomes thicker, more visible and more elastic.
Oral contraceptives alter the body’s natural hormone levels and cause excessive amounts to accumulate. You must remember that ingesting birth control only adds more hormones to what your body already produces. The liver metabolizes these chemicals but is not designed to keep up with high amounts. Once this organ falls behind, hormones are not properly broken down and can cause irregular functions – like excessive discharge.
Can Birth Control Cause Vaginal Odor?
The answer to this question is a resounding yes. The vagina’s environment is highly acidic to discourage the growth of “bad” bacteria. Estrogen also helps in this regard. But imbalanced hormones can cause unhealthy bacteria to grow in great quantity. Such bacteria contributes to excessive discharge and also emits an unpleasant odor.
Your Healthy Vagina
Although you stopped taking birth control seven months ago, your hormone levels are still too high. Starting with this root problem will therefore vastly improve your vaginal health. A detoxification formula can help regulate liver function and metabolize excess hormones. (TRY: Vaginal Detox and Infection Relief Remedy) In addition, herbs like Safllower and Ligustrum restore healthy flora to the vagina. Both of these activities will stop your discharge and eliminate foul odor so you feel fresh, clean and healthy.

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