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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Tao Jargon Translates Into Some Good Advice For Sexual Dysfunction

I have the urge to ejaculate before my lady is fully pleased, this is very disruptive because I strongly desire to please her. I stopped masturbating 10 years ago… However when I am able to sustain my semen my erection remains strong, but her desire seems to lessen.

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I am a Dr. of Chinese Medicine and a Taoist Arts practitioner. Although I have been exposed to this information, it has been difficult to apply the Way of Sexology with my lady, who is also trained in TCM. I have an earth yang constitution and I have wasted quite a bit of Jing in my youth due to masturbation. Currently, I am 36 years old and I have the urge to ejaculate before my lady is fully pleased. This is very disruptive because I strongly desire to please her. I stopped masturbating 10 years ago. I realize that the DU & Ren channels have been taxed and after I ejaculate it takes longer for me to build a strong erection. However, when I am able to sustain my semen, my erection remains strong, but her desire seems to lessen. I realize the importance of ejaculation control and I have tried Liu Di Huang Wan with little help. Can you offer me your wisdom so I can heal myself and assist my wife in her journey to health and prosperity! Yours is the Way.


The DU channel (Governing Vessel of the Acupuncture network) is the master of all of the Yang Channels in the back body, for which chi (Yang Chi) level reflects the brain's Dopamine-norepinephrine action of the sympathetic nervous division. The Ren Channel (Conception Vessel) is the sea of all Yin Channels in the front body, of which chi (Yin Chi) level reflects the brain's Acetylcholine action of the parasympathetic nervous division.
Although you can recharge the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous division with bioelectro-acupuncture at your age, you must activate the Liver and Kidney Channel first. The liver must be powerful enough to do the laundry with P450 detoxification and at the same time produce all essential enzymes needed to convert food into neurotransmitters and hormones in conjunction with endocrine functions and for the syntheses of arterial dilation and erection mediator, Nitric Oxide, and its dilator/erector cycle GMP (cGMP). Recharging the Kidney channel is to power the adrenal function for DHEA production and to mitigate the kidney renal activity to elevate the blood pressure and heart beating in response to the sympathetic function.
The DHEA level reflects the Kidney Yin Chi level. When DHEA runs low, the endocrine function from the brain/hypothalamus/pituitary down to the testes or ovaries will be in trouble. Depletion of Kidney Yin means impotence or frigidity. But, without the powerful parasympathetic function, all the internal organs cannot work properly. It is like appliances working under a low electric power supply. Each organ must store sufficient parasympathetic bioelectricity.  You call it, "Yin Chi", as in "Liver Chi", "Kidney Chi", or "Heart Chi", all mean that the sympathetic nervous function in each organ can convert the bioelectric energy into an output of forces or products.
When the bioelectric energy is stored into the penis/prostate or clitoris/G-spot/uterus, they are actuated to erect or engorge, in conjunction with an increase of blood flow and testosterone burning.
When other organs have sufficient Yin Chi, naturally the sex organs will get their share, too. This is the natural process of powering up the penis/Clitoris/G-spot, which are under the parasympathetic Acetylcholine action. The same function keeps your ejaculation-control valve and urinary-control valve shut and tight. In the normal process, sexual stimulation will elevate the bioelectric level of sexual nerves, parasympathetic and sympathetic. If the sympathetic sexual nerve in the prostate elevates faster than the parasympathetic sexual nerve does, you will experience a weak erection resulting in premature ejaculation.
This is what you have.
The normal orgasm mechanism is the expansion of the male prostate or the female urethral and cervical spongy tissues against the Epicenter between the bladder and cervix. During intercourse, it relays a signal to the hypothalamus/pituitary to produce a burst of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin to initiate the orgasmic contraction of the muscles around the prostate, or the vaginal and uterus. The Expansion of the penis/prostate or the clitoris/G-spot/urethral spongy tissues and the cervix/uterus is driven by parasympathetic bioelectric power, which is instantaneously charged by the testosterone burst and burning associated with sexual stimulation.
The key to solving your problems is to elevate the resting potential of the parasympathetic nervous division and to make it available to the sympathetic function. This is also called, "promoting Yin to assist Yang." The parasympathetic function can also provide healing power for the restoration of body functions and wounds.
If you directly power your Yang, the liver and kidneys will "catch fire", resulting in mouth dryness, sore throat, over-secretion of the eyes, over-sweating, fatigue, and out-of-mind concentration.
In addition, onset of masturbation at the young age leads to over-masturbation (addiction), and over-discharge of the parasympathetic bioelectricity. This makes men and women age prematurely. It also produces too much stress for the immature prostate/vaginal tissues/nerves, leading to over-development of stress-hormone receptors and nervous damage in the ejaculation control valve. As a result, the ejaculation control valve becomes ‘out-of-control’ under minor stimulation. I suspect that the same cause results in the female urethral ejaculation during sex.

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William Port's picture
William Port posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 10:46
How did you master that Di Huang Wan. I tried it for myself and it was so hard! I am going to try it again because I thought it didn't work but you did it so I am sure I can do it myself. Good luck with pleasing your wife.
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