Taking Hair Loss Medication Damaged My Penis

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His use of hair loss products has led to penile shrinkage and low libido.

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I’ve been using over the counter hair loss products for a few months now. After my treatment, I noticed my penis size has shrunk—even my libido continues to dwindle. What’s happening to me?


Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect from using some hair loss drugs. It's well documented and indicated on the label. Some OTC hair loss treatment drugs have non-reversible effects on the DHT receptors and destroy the enzyme liver 5-alpha reductase. Once destroyed, testosterone-DHT conversion is minimized, resulting in diminished sex drive and penile tissues become rigid, inflexible, or shrunk. 

For many men, the worse situation happened when they began to lose more hair after stopping taking the hair loss drugs. 

DHT & Erection Strengthen
During puberty, ages 16-18, the density of the DHT receptors in the penis reaches its maximum for penile and body growth. Once passing this growth season, HGH levels drop and cortisol levels increase. DHT, testosterone and DHEA levels start to drop at about age 25 for normal, healthy men, but the penis does not have any significant growth or change during ages 18-25. Boys during puberty do not experience hair loss due to heightened DHT levels. People start to lose hair when cortisol and epinephrine level go up while their testosterone, DHT, DHEA and/or HGH levels go down.

Stress Is A Contributing Factor
Stressful activities, such as poor diet and over-masturbation, trigger excessive testosterone-DHT conversion in the prostate and testicles, leading to a stressful fight-or-flight state in the body. In this stressful state, the body produces high levels of cortisol, which induces high levels of prolactin and reduces DHEA, HGH and testosterone production. At the same time, excessive prolactin and epinephrine induces constriction of the arteries, leading to poor blood circulation everywhere in your body, particularly in the scalp and prostate.

Take Action
All of this contributes to hair loss. Stop taking products that alter your body’s natural chemistry. Instead, take all-natural solutions that help prevent hair loss, such as Herbal Hair Loss Solution & Hair Follicle Regrowth.

What to do

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Jude Kiwie posted on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 10:38
Wait what? I am going to do more research on this. Like I said I will definitely return my rogaine back now. Loss of erection and penis shrinking? No thank you. I want to have a healthy penis and enjoy my life.
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