Sweet and Sour: Her Vagina Went from One to the Other in a Matter of Weeks

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In a reversal she calls sour candy, this woman’s vaginal discharge has turned from pleasant to unpleasant. She can’t blame sex as the culprit because it’s been a few weeks. Now, without knowing the cause, she wants a remedy so she smells more sweetly feminine.

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My discharge used to have a really sweet smell, and now it is like a sour, stingy smell. There is no way this can be from having sex, because I haven’t had sex in several weeks. What is happening to me? This was never a problem before. It just went from sweet to sour. This isn’t a reverse sour candy.


Vaginal odor causes two crucial problems: embarrassment and worry. Many women don’t want to discuss this subject for fear of being labeled dirty. But not all odor is bad, and your particular scent will change as a result of many different factors. Knowing why these changes occur can help you maintain vaginal health and stay as fresh as a flower.
Lifestyle Factors that Cause Vaginal Odor
Seemingly small choices like diet can critically impact vaginal odor. Eating citrus fruits will give you a sweeter vaginal smell, whereas highly pungent foods like garlic and cabbage create sour smells. Low water intake can similarly cause strong vaginal odor that many women find unpleasant.
Sexual activities affect vaginal environment and thus influence odor. Sex itself disrupts the vagina’s pH levels and causes a musky smell. But engaging in unprotected sex with multiple partners increases your risk for developing a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Chlamydia and trichomoniasis are among the top causes of vaginal odor and can be prevented by practicing safe sex.
A number of STDs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which also presents vaginal odor. But the leading cause of unpleasant feminine smells is bacterial vaginosis (BV), a condition caused by an influx of “bad” bacteria.” The vagina houses many bacteria – healthy and unhealthy – that contribute to its overall environment. The healthy normally keep unhealthy bacteria at bay, but these numbers can be reversed by such factors as multiple sexual partners, smoking and douching.
Antibiotics and Street Drugs Impact the Vagina
We already know various activities upset the vagina’s delicate pH levels, thereby reducing its acidity, but one factor not yet discussed is that of antibiotics. Prescription medications work in the body by killing all bacteria – both good and bad. Such an effect allows unhealthy flora to grow more quickly than those that are healthy, which leads to infections signified by foul vagina.
Street drugs also alter the vaginal environment – whether ingested by you or your sexual partner. Bodily fluids are exchanged during intercourse, meaning your partner’s smells mingle with yours and can result in unpleasant odors if toxins are involved. In addition, street drugs like marijuana are naturally aromatic and can influence your vaginal scent.
Hormones and Natural Fluctuations in Feminine Odor
It is important to know vaginal odor naturally fluctuates. Within a woman’s 28-day menstrual cycle, her scent can range from musky to metallic to slightly fishy. These variations are perfectly normal and represent changes in hormones caused by ovulation and menstruation.
If your odor is accompanied by thick discharge, itching and/or burning, it’s possible you have an infection. BV, for example, produces a fishy odor with general vaginal discomfort and dull gray discharge. Symptoms of PID include odor, pain during sex, fever, and nausea. You may need to speak with a doctor if you’re concerned about overall vaginal health.
A Remedy as Sweet as Candy
When trying to determine the cause of your odor, remember to engage in simple but routine hygiene. Skip the douche, scented body sprays and harsh wipes and opt instead for warm water and gentle soap. This is the safest and most effective way to clean your vagina.
To reclaim your honeyed smell, use the Sweet Secret of Princess Aroma. This natural herbal remedy is based on the ancient Chinese belief that females must smell good in order to be good. It incorporates the healing powers of herbs like Fo Ti and Pumpkin Seed to rejuvenate and stimulate the vagina. Your concerns of foul odor will be eased in knowing you smell as sweet as candy.

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The Sweet Secret of Princess Aroma - Natural Remedy for Vaginal Odor

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