Stuck in a U-Turn – Peyronie’s Disease Caused by Excessive Masturbation

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Peyronie's Disease Symptoms: curved penis Age: 18 - 35

This case study is interesting in that it involves a man that has been using an unusual hand formation when excessively masturbating, resulting in a member that looks like bent, old-fashioned magnets. Is this condition reversible?

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For a few years I have been noticing a problem with the shape of my penis, it curves downward in an arc shape. I have been masturbating since I was 11 or so, and while masturbating my palm would be on the top of penis, with the tip of my fingers on the bottom. After reading some posts I think that perhaps my technique bent the penis into this shape... and I was wondering if there is any way for me to "fix" it.


Masturbation is a natural occurrence for males growing up.
Unnecessary Roughness
At 11 years old, you, like many other youths, were just figuring out about your sexuality and concurrently, where babies came from and all of that great stuff. As we age from that age group into our teens, our brains are still developing, and as such, we can be more susceptible to habitual behavior such as drinking, drugs, and masturbation. Normally healthy if done 3-4 times a week, if done every day, or in many cases multiple times a day, things can spiral out of control and lead to over-masturbation (O.M.). And your peculiar choice of hand formations/movements has resulted in a strangely shaped penis.
We’re men…we’re tough. And sometimes we’re even a little too tough on our members down there when we’re having a little self-sexy time. Unlike sexual intercourse where everything is all fun like at the Wet N’ Wild Watercourse ride (yep, I just made that up but sounds cool), when men masturbate, it’s usually without lubricants and usually involves some pretty rough hand movements, which over the long-term can result in damage and scarring of penile tissues.
Since you had your hand essentially blocking off your penis, forcing it to turn downwards, you’ve caused some scar tissue to build up on the underside of the curvature, causing Peyronie’s disease. Imagine if you will a penis shaped balloon. Now imagine pouring cement (i.e. scar tissue) into one of the sides of it and then inflating it. What happens is that the part coated with cement doesn’t expand with air (i.e. blood) and instead the rest of the balloon wraps around it in a curvature. Not a pretty sight, right? So how do we get you back to a healthy member?
Straighten Out that U-Turn
Take a break from masturbating and sex for a few weeks. What your body needs to do right now is to rejuvenate and restock itself with proper nutrients that have been depleted from your chronic masturbatory habits. It may seem hard, but just see it as the first step in helping yourself.
Taking a natural herbal formula can only accelerate your healing process. These powerful mixtures can not only aid in scar tissue removal and repair damaged nerves, but they also contain specialized properties which promote firmer erections, which over time can correct your penile curvature issues. (SEE: Penile Curvature & Tissue Damage Repair Formula) When you do come back to masturbation, slow the frequency down to 3-4 times a week. It might also be wise to consider another type of hand formation in the future so that you’re not pushing your penis back down on itself.

What to do

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