Strong Body, Weak Bladder: How Even the Healthiest Can Suffer From Urine Worry

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Prostate Enlargement Causes: DHT Symptoms: painful bladder painful urination Age: 36 - 55

He’s fifty, but doesn’t act it. He’s still active; healthy and happy, but one thing is bothering him. His bladder. He can’t even go an hour without going! He’s looking for a natural solution to this problem. What’s the answer?

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I’m fifty years old, but I don’t feel it. Every morning, I go for a jog with my two dogs before work. I’m a vegetarian, don’t drink, don’t smoke; I even practice yoga! But lately I’ve been having a problem with how much I go to the bathroom. It seems like much more than I used to, sometimes as often as three times an hour. I’d like some sort of natural remedy that can help me, but I’m not sure which is best. Can you advise?


It sounds a lot like you’re suffering from an enlarged prostate. They certainly aren’t uncommon at your age; even with the good care you’ve been taking of yourself. Prostate enlargement occurs when something blocks the normal production of testosterone in your body. Testosterone naturally keeps prostate size down, however, when estrogens in any form enter the body, the take the place of these protective testosterones and cause prostate enlargement.
The more estrogen you have in your body, either due to fat, or outside influence, or even just due to decreased testosterone production, the larger your prostate is going to be. As it grows, it begins both to clamp around the urethra, and also to take up space normally used by the bladder. Similar to a fetus during pregnancy, the prostate begins to take up more and more of the bladder’s area, resulting in a smaller and smaller bladder volume. This accounts for your numerous trips to the bathroom.

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Prostate Prospects
An enlarged prostate can also create other problems, such as weak erection, difficulty urinating, and premature ejaculation, not to mention bladder infections and urethritis, due to a blocked urethra. If you aren’t noticing these problems yet, you soon will, unless you take action to heal your prostate and bladder.
Peaceful Procedures
In order to restore your bladder to its normal size and function, you need to reduce the size of your prostate. Obviously, it’s best to try to treat this issue without surgery, if possible. And there are many herbs that encourage prostate health, while also reducing it in size. Saw Palmetto is recommended for most men, as it contains testosterone-building compounds known as phytochemicals. These will reduce the size of the prostate, while restoring health to the tissues and blood vessels of the entire body, but especially the urinary tract and genitals.
Up and Coming Herb
There is another herb, Pygeum Bark, that can also decrease the size of the prostate, while also treating the inflammation caused by the enlarged organ and distressed bladder. This herb, too, contains phytochemicals, but it also holds powerful anti-inflammatories to ameliorate the pain and discomfort that causes you to use the restroom so much.
To reap the full benefits of these herbs, I recommend you try this supplement. (TRY: Bathroom Frequency Minimizing Formula) It will fit in perfectly with your healthy, natural lifestyle, and, after this dose, you’ll soon be back to your normal bathroom routine.



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