Stretch Your Way to Weak Erections

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Lots of guys want to improve their penis size, but stretching exercises may do more harm than good. Hear one guy's firsthand account, and avoid the same fate.

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When we were first married, my husband was able to hold out a very long time (although his erections weren't always rock hard) and bring me to climax several times until I would have to say, "enough, please finish!" About 5 years later (he was 33 yrs old) we started experiencing erectile problems and have been for the past 5 years. We attributed it to his very stressful job and lack of sleep (he only gets about 5 -6 hrs a night). I did a lot of research on the internet (I just now found about this site) and the best I could come up with were the "enlargement exercises" that claimed to cure these problems.
Well, my husband has been doing these exercises almost every night for about 4 months along with Kegel exercises throughout the day. He has lengthened his penis from about 7 inches, to about 8 inches, but his erections seem to be even weaker and he is not able to sustain them. I am concerned (after reading your site) that we may have done some permanent damage. He has stopped all the exercises. Is this a wise course of action and are there any other suggestions you have that may help our situation? I appreciate your time and response.


Ah, those dreaded stretching exercises. From jelqing to pumping to pretzeling (I just made up that last one, but I'm sure some guy has tried it nonetheless). When you were a kid and made silly expressions with your face, your parents may have warned you that “One day your face is going to freeze like that.” Well, your parents were liars about that (dirty, stinking liars), but oddly enough, this principle may actually apply to penises. Keep stretching it in unhealthy ways, and eventually you're going to have a stretchy, lifeless lump between your legs (not you specifically, of course).
The problem is that stretching exercises can destroy the highly sensitive tissue and blood vessels. As a result, the size begins to diminish, and blood flow is unable to adequately fill the chambers for a strong erection. Before long, your husband's erection begins to feel like that house cat who desperately wanted to be a lion. There's no muscle, no roar, and the whole thing just looks kind of adorable.
Stop the Madness
First things first, advise your husband to give up all of the dangerous stretching exercises, at once. They're doing more harm than good, and continued reliance upon them will only result in greater penile injury. You may need to be firm about this (pun intended), because some guys can get pretty desperate when it comes to penis size. If you tell 100 guys that they can increase their size using a taser gun, at least 25 of them will give it a shot. Seriously. Just try it, and record the footage for YouTube.
Reverse the Damage 
Once we've gotten the stretching issue under control, we need to repair the tissue and restore natural blood flow. For this, I would recommend targeted herbs like Cuscuta, Deer Antler, Pyrola and Rehmannia. These and similar herbs contain natural hormones, antioxidants and nutrients which help to promote the natural balance of neurochemicals, repair damaged nerves and tissue, and improve blood flow through the penile arteries. (SEE: Penile Injury Repairing Formula) Some of these herbs, like Cuscuta and Deer Antler, can even improve HGH production and stimulate new penile growth, and wasn't that the goal all along?
So in summation, remember: stretching bad, herbs good, hot sex even better. Give your husband the gift of a lifetime: The gift of a strong, healthy and virile penis (the gift that keeps on giving).

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