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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Stress Gains and Migraines – Solving the Over Masturbation Problem

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: headache Age: 18 - 35

Someone concerned with their coworkers writes in. His friend is experiencing some bad head pains. What sort of advice can he give?

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A coworker of mine has been experiencing bad migraines/headaches over the past few days. According to him, stress and fatigue may be the culprits. What do you recommend?


When Mick first started his new sales job he’d had a great time and made some good friends in his office with fellow co-workers. He wasn’t the best salesman but he had potential, as his boss had told him in a friendly manner. As the weeks rolled by Mick learned what he could in order to better himself with regards to his job until that fateful day when his company started downsizing.
One of the first casualties was his easy-going boss who was fired immediately, only to be replaced by a supposed “up and comer” who ruled the office with an iron fist. Nothing that Mick did seemed to be right and the new boss was constantly picking on him. One day he even walked in on a sales class where the boss was showing a videotaped sales pitch that Mick had previously done…but his boss was using it in order to show the other workers what not to do.
Mick internalized all of this and grew distant from his girlfriend. He would immediately run home after leaving work and commence to masturbating. He played with himself so much that he thought that he might start growing a “sasquatch palm” or hairy palm, like he’d heard could happen to guys who jack off too much.
Soon, Mick started getting severe headaches and felt tired all the time. He’d wake up in the morning and immediately start to masturbate, and then after climaxing would lie around in bed, worn out.

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All Too Common
Just like Mick, many men are put under inordinate amounts of stress, whether it be from job-related conditions, freaking out about paying a late mortgage, anxiety due to funky relationships, and other causes. In order to relieve stress, men can come to rely on masturbation as primary release method, but then get hooked on it and can’t stop.
During this chronic state, men can cripple their body’s ability to convert glutamate to GABA. In turn this can trigger a spike in cortisol, glutamate norepinephrine, and epinephrine, which are stressors that lead to headaches and migraines. So how can one get over this condition?
The Sky is Falling!
Stress-inducing rush hour trips to and from work, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, a lack of proper nutrition, too much drinking of alcohol, these can all cause blood vessels to constrict. This reduced flow of blood to the brain can cause crushing migraines that can ruin hours of a person’s life.
There are powerful herbal mixtures that can help to restore a man’s body back to proper stress levels, and they can do this by providing elements critical to cerebrovascular health. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Headache & Migraine Relief) Botanicals such as Feverfew can eliminate the build-up of factors that lead to migraines, post-masturbation, such as cortisol, prostaglandin, and histamines.
With these solutions your body can begin to naturally balance out its hormonal levels, and eventually deactivate the trigger which causes blood vessel constriction. This can lead to a headache-free life once again. Now all you have to do is tell your coworker to find something else to do besides masturbate all the time…touchy subject!

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