Straight Up – Penis Curvature and Pain Caused by Injury

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people. In this case, a gentleman was simply turning around in his bed and he inadvertently caused an owie to Mr. Happy. How can he overcome the resultant injuries?

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Hello, about 2 months ago I happened to injure the upper left side of my penis. Oddly enough this occurred when I was sleeping face down one night and happened to turn awkwardly on my erect penis. For the next week I had a good amount of pain in the injured left side and had noticed the development of large purple vein over the injured area where there had not been one before. At this point I simply refrained from any sexual activity in the hopes that it would heal. 
Unfortunately I haven't seen any progress in the healing and have actually felt that it has worsened. Now the injury has developed a scar running the length of the vein on the left side and the stinging pain has yet to subside. Also, along with those disconcerting problems I have noticed a slight curvature to the left and a shortening in my penile length. 
What can be done to help me solve this problem? Is it possible that this injury has incurred nerve damage for the pain to continue like it has?


Rocket launches can be exciting to behold to say the least. Here in Southern California, we have the convenient pleasure of being able to watch launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base up close. I’ve seen a few of them, and they are something else to watch. From the countdown to the blast off, it’s quite riveting to see a rocket launch upwards and eventually disappear from view. Sometimes I feel nervous, hoping that nothing bad will happen such as one of the thrusters malfunctioning.
Broken Rocket
Luckily, the only time I ever witnessed that is when I was a kid and launched model rockets with my uncle. They’d blast off, and sometimes something would go wrong with one of the thrusters which would cause it to shoot off to one side instead of straight up.
Now let’s look at your penis as a rocket (I mean, it is a phallic symbol to a great degree). A freak accident has caused a malfunction to your rocket. Through no fault of yours you went one way and your penis went another, and you bent your erect member at an angle it wasn’t to go in, resulting in penile tissue damage as well as at least one ruptured blood vessel. The resultant damage has caused scar tissue to harden around the affected area, causing your penis to curve around that area, just as a rocket shoots off in a leaning direction because of a damaged thruster. So how do we get you back on an upwards trajectory?
Mid-flight Repair
First of all, you did the right thing by not engaging in any sexual activity including masturbation. Continue to refrain, and rest your recovering member. Make sure that you are eating the right foods; unprocessed, whole foods that are conducive to providing your body with the proper nutrients that it needs in order to heal.
To aid you in treating your damaged penis, consider taking a natural botanical formula. (TRY: Penile Nerve & Pain Rejuvenation Formula) The specialized properties contained within these remedies can help to rejuvenate the soft tissues within your penis, repair the ruptured veins, and start to erode the scar build-up in the left side of your shaft. They also can promote better blood circulation and expansion of your interconnected penile chambers which engorge themselves with blood in order to provide properly firm erections. This in turn, over the long-term, will result in gradual penile growth. So let’s repair that faulty thruster and get you back to shooting straight up again.

What to do

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