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This uncircumcised gentleman is really freaked out about the icky cheese-like substance that collects under his foreskin, but what is more alarming is that a foul-smelling substance is coming out of his urethra. What is he to do?

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Hi there, this problem of mine just started happening recently. My problem occurs in my penis foreskin and glands because they smell a bit different, foul. I always clean under the foreskin of my penis when I am in the shower making sure that I get all the smegma that sticks under there. While masturbating today, I noticed some sort of white substance, it wasn't semen or smegma, I think, but it had a really foul smell. I don't experience a smell when my penis is flaccid. I am starting to assume that this smell might be some sort of yeast infection or any other sort. Help me, I am really scared and I am really hoping this isn't some sort of infection.


Jack was wandering down a street one night as a crisp breeze played with the autumn tress. He was feeling pretty horny and was aggressively on the prowl for a hot chick to have some fun with. While crossing a side-street he glanced down it and noticed the silhouette of a voluptuous woman approaching him. He hit a quick right angle and headed directly toward her. As he neared her, her face became pale with fright and she screamed while doubling back and running back down the narrow street.
What was this? What was going on here? He had a strange feeling and so made it back to his home with haste. After entering the front door, he scrambled into his bedroom and turned on the light. Approaching the mirror, he looked into it and his pulse quickened so fast that his heart almost exploded. There in the mirror was the reflection of a huge, two-legged red and purple penis with a grotesque slime coating and giant, pulsating red and purple veins. White puss was leaking from the top. Then the real Jack woke up and realized that it had only been a nightmare.
While this may sound frightening if it were to happen to you, for men with penile infections, life can seem to suddenly become a living nightmare.
A Waking Nightmare
Every year, thousands of men around the world become afflicted with yeast infections and urinary tract infections. The former is usually contracted sexually via a female partner, since women are more likely to develop yeast infections and pass it on, and the latter can happen when bacteria inadvertently travels up through your penis via the urethra and infects the bladder and kidneys. Both can result in a sickly pale yellow discharge which comes out of your penis and can reek pretty badly. So how do you get things turned around?
That Horrible Stench!
First things first: Get checked out by your physician immediately. A discharge such as this should not be treated lightly, and can get worse the more you wait to get help.
For many men, even after they have been seen by their doctor, the awful stench can persist, and consequently they seek aid in the form of all natural remedies. (SEE: Herbal Myrica Rubra Blend for Penis Smell Relief) What these herbal mixtures can help with is improving blood cell health while eliminating blood stasis. They can also improve sperm health, provide the body with beneficial organic acids, and reduce additives which contribute to a smelly penis.
So take your health seriously, you only have one body to go around!

What to do

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Something smells fishy! It’s not your breath—or your feet. It’s a fishy stench coming from your penis. Read more
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