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Female complains of a fishy smell after sex with her boyfriend. She has never noticed this odor before, and he claims the same. Both think the other is at fault for the smell. What is the cause and what can be done about it?

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Having sex with my boyfriend smells like fish. I've had unprotected sex with other boys, and he, too, with other girls. I’ve never smelled anything like this with anyone else. He hasn't either. I think it’s his fault and he thinks it’s mine. Please help. It is ruining our relationship.


Well you can stop blaming each other, because the problem lies within both of you. The odor is caused by the interaction of your vagina and his semen. Your vagina is naturally acidic, and has its own odor. His semen is naturally more alkaline, and also has an odor. But it’s not the intrinsic odor of your excretions that’s causing the smell. It’s the interaction of your acidic environment and his alkaline presence inside it. 
Get Tested!
Assuming you have both been tested for Bacterial Vaginosis and Chlamydia, which you should most certainly be if you’re having unprotected sex, this is undoubtedly the reason for your odor issues. It won’t happen with all partners, it simply depends on how your respective acids and bases interact with each other. 

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Basic Chemistry
It could be that your current partner’s semen is particularly alkaline, enough to counteract your acidity, whereas your other partners might have had less base-tending semen. In the same way, your boyfriend could have been with girls with much more acidic vaginas than your own. 
Keep it Out
To avert this issue, the best thing is to prevent your boyfriend from leaving semen inside of you. It sounds like a harsh method, but if you don’t want to argue about who smells, wear a condom or pull out. Otherwise you have to revert to attempting to squeeze all the semen out after sex. 
Some women swear by baths afterwards; I personally find the easiest method is to simply do a water wash directly after sex. Squatting in the bathtub serves the dual purpose of both compressing your pelvic floor to remove the semen, as well as cleaning out the “big chunks” as it were, leaving less to stink up your area. 
Sweet Smellin’
Another thing you can do is begin a supplement designed to cleanse your vagina and help remove invasive bacteria and odors. This will help your vagina to counteract the alkalinity of your partner’s semen, as well as keep it clean, happy, and healthy. The best thing you can do for your vagina is to keep it aired-out and free from sweat and excess moisture; this will prevent the growth of stinky bacteria as well.
I’m recommending you begin an herbal supplement designed to purify your vagina and remove any negative tastes and smells in your vaginal and vulval region. (SEE: Vaginal Odor Restoration Formula) This remedy is made for women suffering from odorous or unclean smelling vaginas. The Momordica in the compound is designed to integrate glucose compounds into your vaginal secretions and will give you a sweet tasting and smelling vagina. I hope some of these tips improve your love life!

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The Sweet Secret of Princess Aroma - Natural Remedy for Vaginal Odor

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