Slow Down, Captain Speedy

His sexual experiences are over long before hers have truly begun. He wants to enhance his stamina and give his girlfriend the chance to orgasm. Read on to find out how he, and you, can achieve his goal.

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I’m 21 years old, and having problems cumming too fast. What are some techniques or medications I can try to last longer without having to come so fast? My lady is very tight which makes sex great for me but short, good but not great, and unsatisfying for her.


One of the more interesting developments in movies and photography is the ability to record very fast events, like a hummingbird's wings, a bullet popping a balloon, or highly-trained martial artists trading attacks, in such a way that we can carefully observe the action and learn new things. The opposite effect, usually achieved by taking fewer pictures of an event over a longer span of time, can also clarify very slow events like erosion or the apparent rotation of the starts overhead.
Super-Speed Does Not Impress Her In Bed
With respect to men and women having sex, it seems like men operate on the "speed it up" idea, while women prefer the "slow it down" approach. Biological necessities establish this discrepancy: the ladies simply take longer to achieve orgasm than the guys, everything else being equal. On a more psychological level, the ladies prefer to linger over different aspects of the experience while the guys are more interested in "getting to the good stuff" and moving on to the next activity on the agenda.
How Fast Is Too Fast?
Sexual satisfaction for healthy females requires their male sex partners sustaining an erection for 30 minutes or more. On the other hand, some males may reach orgasm and ejaculate after 20 minutes, 10 minutes or in fewer five minutes, respectively classed as "moderate", "bad" and "severe" premature ejaculation when it becomes a predictable pattern. (Note that 80% of men report isolated incidents of premature ejaculation, so once in a while is not considered a problem.) To be fair, there are certain conditions that make it unusually difficult for a woman to experience orgasm, but let's focus on the male problem brought up by this man.
Why Am I So Fast?
Premature ejaculation has several sources, ranging from excess caffeine consumption to poor physical health to low confidence in your sexual skills. A more subtle one is hormonal imbalance. Prostoglandin E-2 normally dilates your blood vessels, but too much of it will cause inflammation of the tissues around the blood vessels. This will leave the cells starving for nutrients and unable to eliminate their waste  products as efficiently as possible; bad enough for any tissue but especially bad for the nerves that control the different stages of your sexual experiences.
Staying Out Of The Speed Trap
There are several possible responses to premature ejaculation. An easy one is improving your diet: increasing your intake of zinc and B-Complex will directly assist your sex organs to recover and recharge more quickly. Do your own research to determine which foods and recipes work best for you. Hint: properly cooked oysters are rich in zinc, and shellfish are packed with B-vitamins. You might also engage in a moderate exercise program to build up your testosterone levels and general stamina. Your girlfriend might appreciate it if you researched alternative foreplay techniques to get her in the mood more quickly, but you should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed to address the most likely physiological causes of premature ejaculation. (TRY: Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerve Repair) It will help balance your hormone levels while helping your body recover from wear and tear of excessive masturbation, and even help build up your stamina.
Bear in mind that treating your P.E. will take time. Regularly consulting with a health-care provider will help you monitor your progress, but slowly-accumulating results tend to last longer... which is kind of what you want anyway, right?

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