A Shrinking Penis and Equally Shrinking Dating Pool – Become a Big Fish in a Small Pond Once More with an All-Natural Sex Stimulant

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 18 - 35

The fellow just recently discovered, to his horror, that his penis is shrinking. What can he possibly do to prevent his penis from shrinking to toddler proportions?

Case #: 


Help! My penis recently got a lot smaller and I don’t know what the cause is. I masturbate sometimes but don’t know if it’s that or maybe my crappy diet. Or maybe it’s because I am now in my 30s?
My usual sex partner just bailed on me and now I don’t have any prospects since I am afraid they won’t want my noodle d*ck. What can I do?


“So you’re not talking to anybody or dating anyone right now?” Jeff asked.
“Uh…no, not at all. Why would I be talking to you if I was?” Jenny answered.
“I don’t know…so we’re still getting together tomorrow night, right?”
Jenny paused, and then said: “Yeah, sure. Well I have to get going, I just got to my girlfriend’s house and we’re going to celebrate her birthday.”
“Okay – yeah, cool. We’ll talk tomorrow. Have fun with your friend.” Jeff said.
“Okay, see ya.”
Behind the Veil
In reality, Jenny had just pulled up to a guy named Ron’s house, who she’d been talking to for a few weeks already. The only unwrapping of presents she was expecting to see was Ron’s package coming out of his pants. She walked up to his front door where he was waiting for her, and after ushering her in, they proceeded to tear each other’s clothes off. Ron nailed Jenny all night and gave her several screaming orgasms requiring him to change his sheets by the end of the night.
The next night, Jenny hooked up with Jeff since she did prefer Jeff’s personality to Ron’s. When they started their naughtiness session, Jeff struggled to insert his floppy penis into Jenny well-worn, still red, vagina. Try as he might, he only managed to thrust a soft noodle-soft member in and out of her for 10 minutes and then rolled over in disappointment and shame.
Jenny played it off as if everything was fine, but she had quickly demoted Jeff into the friend section of her life. He would never see her vagina again.

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Bottom of the Barrel
If you think that your next sexual conquest isn’t seeing or talking to anyone else, you may want to reconsider that naive notion. In this fast moving modern society, many people are quickly sizing potential sex partners up. This usually entails jumping from bed to bed and trying out multiple people sexually, in order to see which ones have the most potential to please them.
Just like today’s hyper-short attention spans, men can come up short if their penises don’t function properly. Men who experience penile softness will literally end up on the short end of the stick, and trickle down to the lower levels of dating pools.
Penile softness can be caused by such factor as age, over-masturbation, or even injury. When not enough blood engorges your member during hanky-panky time, you can end up like our main man Jeff; in the friend zone or even ex-communicated altogether.
Rising to the Top
If you’re looking to expand your dating horizons, perspective pool of sex partners, and overall confidence, taking a botanical mixture can really help. (TRY: Cynomorium for Full Erection Capacity) These concoctions can help to stimulate and re-power your dopamine nervous function, which is the primary catalyst for sexual vigor and libido.
By consuming these all-natural herbs, men can experience a pumped up member due to increased blood flow. As more blood engorges the penile blood chambers, a flaccid noodle can grow and expand into a hardened jackhammer; capable of some deep drilling.
If you’re going through some soft days, reach for a holistic solution that can have you rebounding from your slump and returning to sex-beast mode. Get yours today!

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